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21 Vines Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

"Look at all those chickens!"

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The BuzzFeed Community recently asked its Facebook and Twitter followers to submit a Vine that makes them laugh Every. Single. Time.

Want to be on BuzzFeed? Send us a Vine that makes you laugh every single time!

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Want to be on BuzzFeed? Send us a Vine that makes you laugh every single time!

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Here are the hilarious results.

1. This impeccable scream-fart.

Submitted by Hannah Kara (Facebook).

2. Yaaass!

Submitted by MIranda Carini (Facebook).

3. The "mom, I just peed myself."

Submitted by Spencer Althouse (Facebook).

4. This unfortunate newscaster.

Submitted by cfnchng.

5. This ~other~ unfortunate newscaster.

Submitted by Andrew Ziegler (Facebook).

6. The too-turnt Beyoncé.

Submitted by Erika Marie-Startup (Facebook).

7. The world's cutest dancer.

Submitted by Arielle07.

8. This caterpillar rave.

Submitted by alliLuv.

9. This unnecessary Seinfeld theme song.

Submitted by LiaSeth.

10. The average mean girl.

Submitted by Erica Kay Sweeney (Facebook).

11. This unexpected deep throat.

Submitted by Jaclin Byrne (Facebook).

12. This twerking momma.

Submitted by fanaticalscribe.

13. This raging llama.

Submitted by Tara Lee (Facebook).

14. Sail!

Submitted by Caroline Atkinson (Facebook).

15. This grandma who confused pretzels for cereal.

Submitted by Ashlyn Alley (Facebook).

16. The dog lady who don't need no boyfriend.

Submitted by Bruna Bau (Facebook).

17. This reason why you shouldn't exercise.

Submitted by Vanessa Carey (Facebook).

18. Look at all those chickens!

Submitted by Alexis Haring (Facebook).

19. The unexpected Lebron James.

Submitted by alliLuv.

20. This slow motion fall in real-time.

Submitted by Shannon Flaherty (Facebook).

21. And the worst Christmas ever.

Submitted by Melissa Mueller (Facebook).

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