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27 Lies Every Movie And TV Show Told You About High School

*looks like I'm 12 when I'm a senior in high school*

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what things TV and movies always get wrong about being a teenager. Here are the painfully real results.

1. First of all, teens in pop culture are always played by older actors, which means you'll never, ever look like them.

2. And their faces are so smooth and flawless, while yours is full of acne and braces.

3. Teens in movies and TV shows never have to worry about money, despite the fact that they don't even have jobs.

4. And their appearances magically change after brushing their hair or going away for the holidays.

5. And in TV/movies, evvvvveryone likes you and wants to be your friend after you hit puberty, as if a spell is cast and broken.

6. For some reason, teens have hours of free time before school starts.

7. And don't even get me started on how teens are somehow able to grab coffee and a full breakfast before school starts at 7:30 A.M.

8. No matter what, it's always light outside when they wake up and get to school, but in reality it's pitch black in the morning.

9. It's also crazy that teens in movies and TV always fight with their parents... AND GET AWAY WITH IT.

10. As a result, no teen in the history of cinema has ever had a curfew.

11. The parties in movies are so crazy, with endless kegs and bottles of liquor. After all, you don't need to worry about IDs, money, parents, or the law when you're a high school student in a movie.

12. And it wouldn't be a party without 400 of your closest friends. *shouts in the hallway that your parents are out of town and the whole school is invited*

13. Literally every single person has die-hard school spirit in movies, but in real life there's only, like, five people who semi-care.

14. Let's be real: Who REALLY wears high heels and short skirts to school? Good luck walking up three flights of stairs to class.

15. TV and movies always make it seem like everyone is in a relationship, and you should feel bad for being single.

16. And apparently dating and prom are the most important parts of high school.

17. And sex is often portrayed as a glorious, magical event that everyone experiences, when in reality it's awkward as hell and may not even happen in your teens! And that's okay!

18. Somehow every male student in TV has abs that are sharp enough to grate cheese, a beautiful singing voice, and the vocabulary of a genius.

19. And every female student has perfect hair and always looks like the "after" photo from a magazine cover shoot.

20. It's also impossible for teens in movies to have more than one or two best friends, as if large friend groups – or not having any friends at all – don't exist.

21. If something embarrassing happens to the main character, it somehow gets sent to the entire school, like there's a master list with everyone's phone numbers that's readily available.

22. In movies, teens only care about petty drama. They'd never concern themselves with the real world or things that don't revolve around who's sleeping with who.

23. There are also a bunchhhh of stereotypes that aren't true. FYI: Being a cheerleader doesn't make you mean or stuck-up, being a nerd doesn't make you uncool, and being a jock doesn't make you stupid.

24. There's also a hidden rule in movies/TV where, as soon as you turn 16, you magically receive your own car and credit card.

25. And in movies, students continuously talk and text during class, and they even run out of the room for an “emergency,” but the teachers never care.

26. It's also more common to see Bigfoot than it would be to see a student do ANY homework in a TV show or movie.

27. And of course the most unrealistic thing is that high school dress codes don't exist in TV shows and movies. #RIP everyone's spaghetti straps in real life.

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