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26 Kids Who Won Halloween With Their Gender-Bent Costumes

Because boys can be Disney princesses and girls can be Spider-Man.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us photos of their kids in gender-bent Halloween costumes. Here are the insanely adorable results.

7. Captain America, Winter Soldier, and Agent Coulson:


"Both my daughters gender-bent this year! One was the Winter Soldier, of her own design, and the other was Agent Phil Coulson. Their cousin was Captain America, to go along with them."


13. Sully from Monsters, Inc., courtesy of the boys' costume section:


"Party City had a huge wall of little girl princess costumes and almost “sexy” mini adult costumes, but she picked the monster from the boy’s section for Halloween this year. I just love that she is who she is and she likes what she likes."


16. This adorable Captain America, forgoing the skirt it came with:


"My four-year-old daughter as Captain America. When we were shopping for her costume, she asked, 'Mommy, why do all the girl ones have skirts? Captain America doesn’t wear a skirt.'"


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