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    The 27 Funniest Pictures On The Internet

    Trust me.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us the funniest pictures they've ever seen on the Internet. Here are the timeless and hilarious results.

    1. This unsettling DIY:

    2. This woman who is all of us:

    —Andrea DelMedico, Facebook

    3. Lana Moonblood:


    4. This unfortunate misspelling:

    —Keri Keefe Brooks, Facebook

    5. This swearing dog:

    —Emily Finlinson, Facebook

    6. This beautiful interpretation:

    —Maggie Beasley, Facebook

    7. None pizza with left beef:

    —Madonna Kilpatrick-Kielion, Facebook

    8. The world's worst criminal:

    9. The world's second worst criminal:


    10. This school play gone wrong:

    11. This cake fail:

    12. This unfortunate interaction:

    13. The scariest face-swap of all time:

    14. This grandma who's had enough:

    15. This perfectly-timed selfie:

    16. This diabolical bird:

    17. This kind message from a chocolate company:

    18. This yard sard:

    19. Thank.

    20. This true hero:


    21. Steven, with a "ph" though:

    22. This iconic throwback:

    23. This hilarious misunderstanding:

    Snapchat: Lambo New /

    24. This woman who's probably from Florida:

    25. This casual clown:

    26. This woman who slowly realized she was standing under a wasp's nest:

    27. And this woman who accidentally sent her potential boss a picture of Nic Cage instead of her resume:

    —Megan Eizabeth, Facebook

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