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    13 Real-Life Airplane-Sex Stories That'll Leave You Speechless


    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their wildest sexual adventures on airplanes. Here are the insane results.

    1. This interesting anecdote:

    "My girlfriend and I were traveling to Florida for vacation, and I brought a blanket in my carry-on. When the person next to us left to go to the bathroom, we ended up doing the dirty right under the blanket. The adrenaline was great, and we ended up doing the same thing on our flight back from Florida."


    2. This interesting tale:

    "My boyfriend finger-fucked me under a blanket on a plane. On the flight back, I rubbed him off, also under a blanket. My apologies to the flight attendants."


    3. This public exchange:

    "I was dating a guy a while ago. We were on a red-eye back home from a trip to Vegas, and we traded blow jobs. It wasn't too difficult. The plane was pitch-black and everyone around us was asleep. We didn't last too long... the thrill of doing something wicked made us both a quick shot."


    4. This skillful maneuver:

    "It was November in 2005, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. I was on an overnight flight from NYC to London. My then-boyfriend (now-husband) and I snuck into the handicapped bathroom, since it had more room, and we had sex. Luckily we weren't caught. It was a thrill to successfully join the mile high club!"


    5. This solo trip:

    "When I fly I'm never near anyone who I'm remotely interested in having sex with, but I did jerk off in the plane's bathroom though. I was so tired on the flight, and I sleep better when I drop a load first, so I decided to solve the problem."

    —Chucky Wun, Facebook

    6. This party of two:

    "About a year ago, my girlfriend and I were on a flight back from England. It was around 3 a.m. and we were, um, feeling it. While everyone was asleep, we went to the bathroom and did the deed. It was fun, but I'm pretty sure we woke up a few people because when we walked out, I heard two or three people snicker a little."

    —Kara Sims, Facebook

    7. This drunken disaster:

    "I'm a flight attendant. I once witnessed a couple who met pre-flight. They boarded, and the other flight attendants and I didn't realize they had been drinking. In the middle of the flight, they started making out in their seats and taking off their clothes before we were able to stop them from going any further."

    —Katie Darden, Facebook

    8. This missed connection:

    "I was seated next to a guy I didn’t know, but we were flirting heavily. He ended up moving my hand to his lap, and I stroked his penis through his pants. His hand wandered over and rubbed me. All of this happened while the guy in the window seat was open-mouth sleeping. When the plane landed he backed me against the wall of the tarmac, kissed me, and we never saw each other again. HOT."


    9. This handy story:

    "My boyfriend and I had the row to ourselves. I put the tray table down and pretended to cuddle him, but really I was getting him off through his pants."


    10. This titillating testimony:

    "I was on an overnight plane trip from my home of England to Dallas and gave my boyfriend a hand job right out in the open. We waited until about 2 a.m. and the lights were all off and the stewardesses stopped roaming. As I jerked him off, I called him 'daddy' and he bit his neck pillow to be quiet, right next to the old man who was sleeping next to him."


    11. This wholesome moment:

    "I was watching a movie on the plane, and let's just say it had a little too many shirtless Zac Efron scenes. I waited until both my seat neighbors were asleep, wrapped myself up in a thick blanket, and jerked off. I was scared that the high altitude would mess with my ejaculatory tube, but thankfully it didn't."


    12. This gripping narrative:

    "As a flight attendant, I've seen some pretty messed up stuff. One time a guy decided to ~polish his knob~ in an aisle seat, next to strangers, with everyone awake around him. He didn't have anything covering him either. When we caught him he didn't even look embarrassed."

    —Katie Darden, Facebook

    13. And this utter failure:

    "On our way to Miami, my boyfriend and I wanted to join the mile high club. It was an awkward back and forth dance from the front and rear bathrooms of our section. I would be ready to get into the restroom, and my boyfriend would casually follow, but someone would always appear behind us. Frustrated, I opted for one last shot. My anxiety and adrenaline were pumping. I got into the restroom and leaned up against the sink, trying to look casual and sexy. The door opened, but it wasn't my boyfriend. It was a random, sweaty guy who was trying to relieve himself. I didn't know what to do, so I just ran back to my seat."


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