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23 Infuriating Plot Holes That Will Make You Question Your Favorite Movies

Oh my god...

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the worst plot holes they've ever noticed in a movie. Here are the infuriating results. ๐Ÿšจ SPOILERS AHEAD ๐Ÿšจ

1. In Mamma Mia, Donna basically said that her mother was dead, but a huge chunk of the sequel was about her very-much-alive mother, played by Cher:

Universal Pictures


2. In A Quiet Place, the monsters killed anything that made noise, yet Evelyn and Lee decided to have a baby, something that would literally only make noise:

Paramount Pictures


3. And instead of making shelter near the waterfall, i.e. the only place where the monsters couldn't hear them, they lived on a noisy farm:

Paramount Pictures


4. In The Meg, the megalodons were trapped in an unexplored part of the ocean before the submarine allowed them to escape, yet Jonas somehow encountered a meg five years earlier on a different rescue mission:

Warner Bros. Pictures


5. In Hocus Pocus, Max, Dani, and Allison could have just surrounded themselves and the book in a circle of salt to prevent the Sanderson Sisters from getting them:

Walt Disney Studios

โ€”Megan Ann, Facebook

6. In Monsters, Inc., Mike said that he and Sully were friends in elementary school, but in the prequel they didn't actually meet until college:



7. In The Karate Kid, it was made clear that hitting an opponent in the head would lead to disqualification, yet that's exactly how Daniel won his fight:

Columbia Pictures

8. In Signs, the aliens came to earth, a planet comprised of 71% water, but their only weakness was... literally water:

Buena Vista Pictures


9. In Aliens, Ripley opened the airlock door and was somehow able to resist the force and pressure of outer space, all while holding onto a ladder with one hand:

20th Century Fox


10. In Ant-Man and the Wasp, no one noticed Hank's giant lab that would mysteriously appear and then disappear at random parts of the city, even though he was trying to be discreet while hiding from the FBI:


11. In High School Musical, Gabriella froze before singing Breaking Free, but in the song she wasn't even supposed to sing the first line:

Disney Channel


12. In The Little Mermaid, Ariel signed her name on the contract with Ursula, so she could have just written her name in the sand to tell Eric what was going on:



13. In 17 Again, the kids had no idea what their dad looked like when he was younger (and Maggie almost made out with him), despite there probably being several pictures of him scattered throughout the house:

New Line Cinema

14. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones was actually irrelevant to the whole plot because the Nazis still would have found the ark no matter what:

Paramount Pictures

15. In Tangled, everything revolved around Rapunzel seeing the lights on her birthday, but Mother Gothel could have just lied about which day she was born:


16. In the Harry Potter series, Fred and George had Maurader's Map but never noticed that Peter Pettigrew was alive and well... and sleeping in their brother's room every night:

Warner Bros.

17. Also, nobody believed Harry when he said that Voldemort was back, but they could have just used the Pensieve or a truth serum to prove it:

Warner Bros.


18. In Cinderella, her fate revolved around the premise that no one else in the entire village had the same shoe size as her:



19. In the Halloween series, Michael Myers knew how to drive a car, even though he was trapped in a mental hospital since the age of 10:

Dimension Films


20. In the Star Wars series, the lack of air and differences in gravitational pull should have effected everyone on each new planet, especially since they're different sizes and don't have the same atmospheric pressures:

Lucas Films

21. And in The Last Jedi, Paige Tico released the bombs to destroy the First Order dreadnought, but the bombs shouldn't have been able to fall because there's no gravity in space:

Lucas Films

22. In Pleasantville, the whole town was literally just two streets that looped, so where were the "visitors" coming from for the basketball team to play against in the big game:

New Line Cinema

23. And in Up, the house didn't actually start to fly until the balloons were ~outside~ of it, but that shouldn't have made a difference in the first place:


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