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    19 Images That Girl From High School Who You Haven't Talked To In 10 Years Shares On Facebook

    "I got my mind on mashed potatoes and my mashed potatoes on my mind."

    1. This sad story:

    2. This unwritten rule:

    3. This secret recipe:

    4. This experienced retail worker:

    5. This harsh reality:

    6. This resting bitch face:

    7. This angelic mother:

    8. This dog logic:

    9. This Hercules reference:

    10. Meep:

    11. This absolute truth:

    12. This sound advice:

    13. This important question:

    14. This original poem:

    15. This hungry person:

    16. This unrealistic expectation:

    Disney /

    17. This consistent thought:

    18. This inconvenient truth:

    19. And this constant desire:

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