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27 Reasons Being Single Is Actually The Best

You've got the whole bed to yourself!

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best part about being single. Here are their brilliant responses.

1. You can eat what you want to, when you want to, and any way you want to, all without feeling judged.

2. Personal grooming is optional, 'cause it's not like you have to impress anyone.

3. You only have one Netflix queue, and it's filled with exactly what you want to watch.

4. The whole bed is yours, and you can lie smack-dab in the middle of it. Especially at 12 in the afternoon.

5. You don't need to do (or even have) dishes. The pizza box is your plate, and the bottle is your wine glass.

6. You can wear the same pair of unflattering underwear (and nothing else) for three days in a row.

7. You don’t have to share your food, which means the entire pizza can finally be yours.

8. And you can order whatever you want on that pizza without having to consult someone first.

9. A whole bottle of wine for dinner? No problem. No pants. No regrets.

10. You don't have to hide your bathroom needs ~when duty calls~.

11. *cough* Vibrators don't ask you to return the favor *cough*

12. You can own as many cats as you want to, no judgment.

13. Two words: No. In-laws.

14. You don't have to worry about drama or random, stupid fights with a significant other.

15. Don't want to clean up after yourself? Don't worry.

16. You can go to bed and wake up any time you want to, without worrying about accidentally waking someone up or being woken up.

17. You'll never be "that person" who attends a Halloween party in an outrageous couples costume.

18. You can totally make out with four different people in one night, no questions asked.

19. Deciding where to spend the holidays is never an issue, 'cause the only person you have to compromise with is yourself.

20. You can casually go on dates if you want to, all without feeling obligated or pressured into anything.

21. And there's no anxiety or hesitation when wondering if those relationships will actually work, 'cause everything's super carefree.

22. That means you can bypass those awkward stages that come with new relationships.

23. Like, "Should we make it Facebook-official?" LOLOL, #BYE.

24. Instead of spending money on Valentine's Day, you can save it for more important things, like sandwiches and doughnuts.

25. You don't have to work your schedule around someone else's, so there's no guilt if you want to take a spontaneous trip or just watch Netflix all day.

26. 'Cause being single means you're committed to only one person who you KNOW you can rely on: yourself.

27. And the best part is that you learn to love yourself for who you are and become a stronger, better, and more attractive person because of it.

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