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24 Graduation Caps That Totally Nailed It

"I finally got the D!"

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us pictures of their graduation caps. Here are the hilarious and awesome results.

1. This insanely funny The Office reference:

2. This perfect use of an Adele quote:

3. This cap that's just a litttttle too honest:

4. The One Where Shannon Graduates:

5. This brilliant Golden Girls fan:

6. This updated Drake album cover:

7. This graduate who prefers a diploma to a rose:

8. This gradvertisement:

9. This person who finally got the D...egree.

10. This SpongeBob reference that never gets old:

11. This Hamilton lover who wants to conquer the world:

12. This Pokémon master:

13. This pun expert:

14. This inspiring Disney dreamer:

15. This black Bill Gates in the making:

16. This appropriate Harry Potter quote:

17. This person who majored in the study of all things Wumbo:

18. *drops mic AND diploma*

19. This person who's heating up:

20. This N.W.A fan who's definitely had enough:

21. This inspiring Looking for Alaska cap:

22. This amazing Up reference:

23. This person who's still bitter about not receiving her Hogwarts letter:

24. And the most important question of all:

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