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27 Graduation Caps That Totally Nailed It

"Master has given Dobby a diploma...Dobby is free!"

We asked followers of the BuzzFeed Community to tweet us photos of their incredible graduation caps. Here are the insanely creative results.

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1. The real reason you made it through finals.

2. This brilliantly accurate Harry Potter reference.

@BuzzFeeders Harry Potter themed graduation cap! :D (sadly not mine! Credits to

3. The truth about this reimagined Disney quote.

4. This person who wants to ~let college go~.

5. This girl who put Justin Bieber's whole head on her cap...and then an entire second cap.

@BuzzFeeders My friends dared me to put @justinbieber on mine so I put my phone number on biebers hat-best texts ever

6. Kanye's Graduation album cover, appropriately used.

@BuzzFeeders the girl next to me at graduation last year had Kanye's "Graduation" album cover on her hat

7. This Up quote that is guaranteed to make you cry.

.@BuzzFeeders not to toot my own horn, but...

8. Mischief. Managed.

@BuzzFeeders Three English majors at my graduation had this quote I their caps... But I have to say mine was best!

9. This necessary reminder to look at the world differently.

10. This perfect Mean Girls quote.

@BuzzFeeders Because who doesn't love a good #MeanGirls reference? #Buzzfeed #graduationcaps

11. ~No Ragrets~

12. "I did it for my cats."

Graduation went by too quick! 😸 #imisscollegealready #IDidItForMyCats @BuzzFeeders

13. This nostalgic cap that would make Amanda Bynes proud.

@BuzzFeeders @BuzzFeed from @rebecklyn!

14. This adventure in Wonderland.

If it were socially acceptable to wear my grad cap 24/7 I would, I mean look at it! 😍@BuzzFeeders

15. SpongeBob's most famous segue.

@BuzzFeeders @BuzzFeed Here's my graduation cap 😝

16. The only Harry Potter spell that matters.

@BuzzFeeders this was my grad cap last weekend! Hand painted the gold stuff on there myself.

17. This prequel to Adventure Time.

18. This brilliant play on words.

19. This chemistry major's unbelievable pun.

@BuzzFeeders My chemistry graduation cap was pretty awesome...

20. This fantastical Dr. Seuss book.

21. This girl who is READY to graduate. #ByeFelicia

@BuzzFeeders #whateverforever #ByeFelicia

22. This totally appropriate Toy Story quote.

23. Parents + wine = saviors.

24. This Hunger Games–themed cap.

25. Drake's No. 1 fan.

@BuzzFeeders @BuzzFeed mine bc who doesn't love drake

26. Michael Scott's most important advice from The Office.

27. And the absolute truth.

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