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15 Dirty Christmas Jokes Guaranteed To Put You On The Naughty List

Ho, ho, ho.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the dirtiest Christmas joke they could think of. Here are the naughty results.

1. Why was Santa upset when he got a sweater for Christmas?

2. Why does Santa go through the chimney?

3. Why does Santa land on the roof?

4. What is Santa’s motto?

5. Why doesn’t Santa have any kids of his own?

6. Why is Santa always so jolly?

7. What's the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa?

8. What do the female reindeer do when they want some fun?

9. Why does Mrs. Claus always hope for a white Christmas?

10. What do snowmen use to make snowbabies?

11. Why do elves laugh when they run?

12. Why did the snowman have a smile on his face?

13. Why doesn’t Santa have any children?

14. What do the Pope and a Christmas tree have in common?

15. Why did Santa kick Raggedy Ann out of the present bag?

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