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Have You Ever Had Sex With Your Friend's Mom Or Dad?


Sex can be complicated.


And it's ESPECIALLY complicated when you involve friends and family members.


So that made me curious... have you ever slept with your friend's mom or dad?


Maybe you were inspired by American Pie, so one night you ventured off during a friend's party and had sex with their mom while your friend unknowingly stayed downstairs.

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Or maybe you were the parent who initiated the fling, fully knowing that the friend was consenting and of-age.

Perhaps you matched with an older guy on Tinder, went to his house to have sex, and saw pictures of your friend alllll over the place, which made you realize YOU WERE ABOUT TO SLEEP WITH YOUR FRIEND'S DAD.

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Or maybe you discovered that a friend slept with one of YOUR parents, and you still haven't forgiven them.

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Tbh this happened in the movie Adoration, where BOTH best friends discovered that each of them was having sex with the other's mom. Weird!

Because we're all adults here, we want to know about what went down. Tell us the hot, steamy, and maybe even awkward sexual experiences you've had with your friend's parent.

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Who initiated the hookup, and what was it like? How did you/your friend find out, and are you still friends to this day?

Tell us your stories via the DropBox below. The best submissions will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!