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16 Grown-Up Disney Channel Actors Who I Would Honestly Let Choke Me (Just A Little)

These childhood actors have definitely aged like fine wines.

1. This was Kyle Schmid when he played Alex in the Disney Channel Original Movie Alley Cats Strike (2000).

Kyle in a bowling alley in "Alley Cats Strike"
Disney Channel

He also played Derek in The Cheetah Girls.

This is what Kyle Schmid looks like today.

2. This was Raviv Ullman when he played Phil in Phil of the Future (2004–06).

Phil at school in "Phil of the Future"
Disney Channel

He also played Roscoe in Pixel Perfect, Eric in the Kim Possible: So the Drama movie, Jake in one episode of That's So Raven, and a random animated character in Phineas and Ferb, whatever that is.

This is what Raviv Ullman looks like today.

3. This was Nick Spano when he played Donnie in Even Stevens (2000–03).

Donnie shirtless on a beach in the "Even Stevens Movie"
Disney Channel

The above photo is from The Even Stevens Movie, a masterpiece (Nick, not the movie).

This is what Nick Spano looks like today.

4. This was Shawn Ashmore when he played Brad in Cadet Kelly (2002).

Brad in a cadet uniform outside in "Cadet Kelly"
Disney Channel

He also played Chet in an episode of The Famous Jett Jackson and Tyler in In a Heartbeat.

This is what Shawn Ashmore looks like today.

5. This was Robert Ri'chard when he played Todd in Alley Cats Strike (2000).

Robert in a red school uniform
Disney Channel

This is what Robert Ri'chard looks like today.

6. This was Ryan Merriman when he played Kyle in The Luck of the Irish (2001).

Ryan with pointed ears and orange hair in "The Luck of the Irish"
Disney Channel

He also played Ben in Smart House and Adam in A Ring of Endless Light. He was ~the~ Disney Channel "it" boy for a while, tbh (and for good reason!).

This is what Ryan Merriman looks like today.

Ryan in a military uniform in a 2020 movie
High Octane Pictures

He's now 38 years old.

7. This was Ty Hodges when he played Larry Houdini in Don't Look Under the Bed (1999).

Ty in the school in "Don't Look Under the Bed"
Disney Channel

He also played Larry Beale on Even Stevens and Myles in a single episode of The Famous Jett Jackson.

This is what Ty Hodges looks like today.

8. This was Chez Starbuck when he played Cody in The Thirteenth Year (1999).

Cody turning into a fish with gills in "The Thirteenth Year"
Disney Channel

This is what Chez Starbuck looks like today.

9. This was Erik von Detten when he played Andy "Brink" Brinker in Brink (1998).

Brink wearing a helmet and looking goofy
Disney Channel

He also played Clu Bell in So Weird.

This is what Erik von Detten looks like today.

Erik von Detten at a house in 2020
Angela von Detten / Via

He's now 38 years old.

10. This was Michael J. Pagan when he played Scott in Up, Up, and Away (2000).

Michael in a superhero costume in "Up, Up, and Away"
Disney Channel

This is what Michael J. Pagan looks like today.

11. This was Clayton Snyder when he played Ethan Craft in Lizzie McGuire (2001–04).

Clayton as Ethan in school in "Lizzie McGuire"
Disney Channel

This is what Clayton Snyder looks like today.

12. This was Tahj Mowry when he played Eddie in The Poof Point (2001).

Tahj in his house in "The Poof Point"
Disney Channel

He also played Jay in Hounded, Wade in Kim Possible, and Brandon in a single episode of The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. He's also been in a bunchhhh of other shows and movies under the Disney umbrella.

This is what Tahj Mowry looks like today.

13. This was Phillip Rhys when he played Proto Zoa in Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999).

Proto Zoa on Earth in "Zenon"
Disney Channel

He also played Proto Zoa in the sequel, Zenon: The Zequel.

This is what Phillip Rhys looks like today.

14. This was Evan Peters when he played Seth in Phil of the Future (2004–2006).

Evan Peters as Seth as school in "Phil of the Future"
Disney Channel

This is what Evan Peters looks like today.

Evan in "Mare of Easttown"

He's now 34 years old.

15. This was Michael Copon when he played Ricky, one of the Boyz in Motion, in That's So Raven (2003–07).

The Boyz in Motion in "That's So Raven"
DIsney Channel

He also played "boy at beach" in one episode of Even Stevens.

This is what Michael Copon looks like today.

16. And, of course, this was what Andy, Matt, and Joey Lawrence looked like in Jumping Ship (2001).

All three brothers on an island in "Jumping Ship"
Disney Channel

Andy played Tommy in Horse Sense and Jumping Ship, as well as Will in The Other Me and Jace in Going to the Mat.

Matt played an uncredited cowboy in Horse Sense and Jake in Jumping Ship, and he reprised his role as Jack Hunter in Girl Meets World, Disney Channel's Boy Meets World spinoff.

Joey played Michael in Horse Sense and Jumping Ship.

And this is what they look like today.

Andy and Joey in the stands at a baseball game, plus Matt with his wife, Cheryl Burke
@joeylawrence / / @cherylburke /

Andy is now 33 years old, Matt is 41 years old, and Joey is 45 years old.

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