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36 Regular People Who Neville Longbottomed And Made Puberty Their Bitch

No one likes talking about eighth grade for a reason.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us before-and-after pics of their glow-ups. Here are the insane results.

1. This guy who put away the hair gel:

2. This woman who still loves parrots:

3. This woman with the world's most flawless skin:

4. This woman who really loves goats:

5. This absolute gem:

6. This guy who totally Longbottomed:

7. This puppy transformation:

8. This inspiring before-and-after:

9. This woman who still loves hats:

10. This iconic glow-up:

11. This woman who's so glad she's not in seventh grade anymore:

12. This incredible metamorphosis:

13. This woman with an A+ makeup game:

14. This guy who no longer "looks like a turtle:"

15. The woman who loves the new her:

16. This woman who kicked puberty's ass:

17. Another woman who really likes goats:

18. This guy with a jawline that's so sharp, it can grate cheese:

19. This woman who turned sunflowers into a sunflower hat:

20. This woman who needs to keep that old hairdo:

21. This husband who Longbottomed all the way to the bank:

22. This woman with awesome rainbow hair:

23. This woman who is really glad she graduated:

24. This woman who grew bunny ears:

25. This woman who takes great pics:

26. This fierce wedding date:

27. This woman who traded butterfly clips for a flower in her hair:

28. This woman who takes a killer selfie:

29. This guy who's trying to give James Bond a run for his money:

30. This woman who really loves balloons:

31. This woman who hit puberty and never looked back:

32. This woman who knows how to wear red-and-white stripes:

33. This iconic transformation:

34. This woman who still looks good in blue:

35. This guy who fell in love with fitness:

36. And this woman who will never take another dance photo again:

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