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36 Regular People Who Neville Longbottomed And Made Puberty Their Bitch

No one likes talking about eighth grade for a reason.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us before-and-after pics of their glow-ups. Here are the insane results.

1. This guy who put away the hair gel:

"A glow-up INDEED."


2. This woman who still loves parrots:

"I still geek out over a damn parrot, 15 years later. Don't think I will ever get over the combo of a blue turtleneck and khaki pants. Man, I miss the early 2000s."


3. This woman with the world's most flawless skin:

"Thank you, puberty."


4. This woman who really loves goats:

"2009 vs. 2017. No more mullet, braces off, and better eyebrows. I still cry tears of joy when I get to feed goats, though."


5. This absolute gem:

"We take family pictures every year, so I've got about 16 years' worth of these gems :))"


6. This guy who totally Longbottomed:

"Longbottoming hard."


7. This puppy transformation:

"Puberty was good to me."


8. This inspiring before-and-after:

"Confidence changed me."


9. This woman who still loves hats:

10. This iconic glow-up:

"From ages 17 to 26."


11. This woman who's so glad she's not in seventh grade anymore:

"Me, in all of my seventh-grade glory on the left."


12. This incredible metamorphosis:

13. This woman with an A+ makeup game:

"Growing up, everyone used to call me 'Grand Canyon' because when I bit into a sandwich, my jagged teeth would make a mountain range. It 100% doesn't make sense, but it 100% traumatized me when I was little."


14. This guy who no longer "looks like a turtle:"

"I used to look like an actual turtle."


15. The woman who loves the new her:

"No comment."


16. This woman who kicked puberty's ass:

"Thankful for getting out of the awkward stage."


17. Another woman who really likes goats:

"The left picture was during my eighth-grade graduation trip, and the right picture was taken during the best day of my life when I met some baby goats."


18. This guy with a jawline that's so sharp, it can grate cheese:

"Fifteen years later."


19. This woman who turned sunflowers into a sunflower hat:

"No caption necessary."


20. This woman who needs to keep that old hairdo:

Instagram: @nikfranswa

"I was 13 years old in the first pic and 23 in the second. I should probably wear my hair like that again, tbh."


21. This husband who Longbottomed all the way to the bank:

"My husband Longbottomed HARD! ❀️ "


22. This woman with awesome rainbow hair:

Instagram: @annacatkopsky

"Me at 8 years old vs. me now, at 25 years old."


23. This woman who is really glad she graduated:

24. This woman who grew bunny ears:

"2007 vs. 2017. This glow-up was worth the wait."


25. This woman who takes great pics:

26. This fierce wedding date:

27. This woman who traded butterfly clips for a flower in her hair:

"That's 9-year-old me, before braces and contacts. Those butterfly clips though..."


28. This woman who takes a killer selfie:

"Puberty and the knowledge of hair and makeup go a long way!"


29. This guy who's trying to give James Bond a run for his money:

"From sixth grade to age 24. The worst part was that in the black-and-white photo, you can't tell, but I was randomly holding a clarinet...?"


30. This woman who really loves balloons:

"The first photo is from eighth grade, and the second is from my 25th birthday. It's amazing what 10 years can do for you!"


31. This woman who hit puberty and never looked back:

"Ten years older and one less chin."


32. This woman who knows how to wear red-and-white stripes:

"Seventh grade vs. high school graduate."


33. This iconic transformation:

"I went from an awkward middle schooler with overplucked eyebrows to this."


34. This woman who still looks good in blue:

"Me in 2009 vs. me now. Thank god for braces and spray tans."


35. This guy who fell in love with fitness:

Instagram: @spenceralthouse

"I was 18 in that first pic and was ~just~ starting to hit puberty. Now I'm 26 and finally starting to like myself."


36. And this woman who will never take another dance photo again:

Instagram: @swainsch

"Age 12 vs. age 22. I have a love-hate relationship with my old dance photo on the left."


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