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    17 Glorious Food Typography Photos That Look Good Enough To Eat

    A tasty project from Danielle Evans.

    "Impulsive lettering created with Starbucks Komodo Blend, ground to french press coarseness and perfection."

    "Despite the leaf used (Darjeeling, a black tea), the point still rings true in light and fluffy goodness."

    "A chocolately experience. Dark Chocolate."

    "A pungent, peppery smell in a fine yellow mist. Adapted after the Arabic Dwani Calligraphy... A {nearly} indescribable spice, the stuff of nations."

    "Another ode to food type and vintage labels, hand manipulating flour to create the text on my kitchen counter."

    "A nod to type enthusiasts. Brown Sugar."

    *Disclaimer: Shaving cream is technically not food.

    "A gentlemanly exploration of elegant type, three days and five cans of shaving cream later. Each stroke embraces the imperfection and sporadic nature of the medium."

    "A savory punch in the face with energetic food type, crafted in chili powder- spicy and dynamic."

    "We used the stickiest and sweetest raspberry jam to, well, jam on." / Via

    "A crackling ode to ‘Merica and her grill. Ground beef."