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    18 Tweets Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

    Trust me.

    1. This totally valid thought:

    2. This reminder that TV is more important than the gym:

    3. The Titanic theory everyone has:

    4. You, when you think of a good joke:

    5. This super relatable moment:

    6. Your true first child:

    7. ~Adulthood~:

    8. This cat burrito:

    9. This angry rope:

    10. This unrealistic standard for women:

    11. You, if your life was narrated:

    12. This garbage tweet:

    13. This hot dog:

    14. This subtle illusion:

    15. Lettuce head:

    16. This constant letdown:

    17. Ageless Paul Rudd:

    18. And this sad truth:

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