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42 Tumblr Text Posts That Will Make You Laugh No Matter What

These are too funny.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite Tumblr posts of all time. Here are the text posts that are way too good to ignore.

1. This accidental email:

2. This brain fart:

3. This terrible dentist:

4. This movie pitch:

5. This confused student:

6. This true statement:

7. This simple line:

8. This complete disaster:

9. This clever play on words:

10. This hilarious response to a stupid quote:

11. This terrible decision:

12. This interesting comparison:

13. This unfamiliar song lyric:

14. Yikes:

15. This iconic dream:

16. This philosophical lesson:

17. This timeless joke:

18. This clever kid:

19. This sex tip:

20. This wild story:

21. This mouth mishap:

22. This innocent observation:

23. This weekly Harry Potter marathon:

24. This French lesson:

25. TAXES:

26. This person who's really sober:

27. This cashier's big reveal:

28. These word nicknames:

29. These commercial summaries:

30. This incorrect sex act:

31. This grave robber:

32. This unforgiving joke:

33. This grammar lesson:

34. This clever pun:

35. This one-hit wonder:

36. This perfect movie:

37. This double meaning:

38. This mother's rule:

39. This thin ice:

40. This conspiracy theory:

41. This holy event:

42. And this extreme fuckup:

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Also, here's another roundup of regular Tumblr posts that'll deffffffinitely make you laugh. You're welcome!