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    37 Ron Swanson Moments That Will Never Not Be Funny

    "Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite Ron Swanson quotes and moments. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. When Ron ordered a whole party platter for himself for breakfast:

    2. When a Pawnee park ranger told Ron he couldn't slaughter a pig for the barbecue:

    3. When he saw what Chris made for dinner:

    4. When he visited England but wasn't impressed:

    5. Exhibit A:

    6. When Ron revealed his hatred for skim milk:

    7. When he got real about his stance on the world:

    8. When he needed to make sure the waiter knew exactly what he wanted:

    9. When Ron didn't know how to deal with other people's emotions:

    10. Especially his own:

    11. When he was truly zen:

    12. When he wasn't scared to be blunt:

    13. When Ron needed to provide personal information:

    14. When Ron replaced a hungover Joan Callamezzo and answered phone calls from viewers:

    15. When Ron was all of us when it came to eating:

    16. When he shared how he really felt about Tammy Two:

    17. Seriously:

    18. When Ron had extra pep in his step after sleeping with Andy's professor:

    19. When he showed his appreciation for Tom:

    20. When Ron was a litttttttle petty:

    21. When Chris brought a vegetable loaf to April and Andy's surprise wedding:

    22. When Ron showed Ben his will:

    23. When Tom introduced Ron to iPods:

    24. When Ron was actually happy to be in a meeting:

    25. When he got real about celery:

    26. When Ron thought someone in government died, but it was actually Li'l Sebastian:

    27. When he spoke at Li'l Sebastian's memorial service:

    28. When Ron and Typhoon bonded over their shared hatred for Eurotrash:

    29. When Ron told Leslie an original joke:

    30. When he gave perfect life advice:

    31. When Ron refused to let Ben order a gin and tonic:

    32. When Ron had absolutely no idea what was going on:

    33. When he needed to set some boundaries:

    34. When Ron went into hiding to escape Tammy One:

    35. When Ron admitted that he lost a toe as a kid:

    36. When he became a youth basketball coach:

    37. And, of course, when he spoke the absolute truth:

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