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    27 Game Show Contestants Who Failed So Badly They...Didn't Even Come Close To Winning

    These made me feel so much better about myself, tbh.

    1. This woman who forgot her colors for a second.

    2. This woman who was probably just hungry.

    3. This woman who knew she said the wrong answer the second it came out of her mouth.

    4. This woman who needs a geography lesson.

    5. This guy who definitely heard the word "soup."

    6. This man who doesn't know how to spell.

    7. This woman who doesn't know how pregnancy works.

    8. This man who took the question too literally.

    9. This guy who probably just watched The Shape of Water.

    10. This scandalous response from Ken Jennings.

    11. This guy who got the first question wrong on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

    12. This woman who's definitely not an only child.

    13. This woman who's probably not religious.

    14. This man who is actually kinda correct.

    15. This guy who doesn't know how to spell "baker."

    16. This guy who probably just watched Moulin Rouge.

    17. This woman who's definitely not an animal expert.

    18. This woman who has some explaining to do.

    19. This guy who took a stab in the dark.

    20. This woman who should definitely not become a doctor.

    21. This woman who...I don't even know.

    22. This woman who didn't understand the question but still gets an A for effort.

    23. This woman who's technically correct.

    24. This guy who gave Steve Harvey heart palpitations.

    25. This guy who didn't even try at all.

    26. This guy who forgot what days are.

    27. And this newlywed who probably just got divorced.