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    High School Senior Can Return To School After Allegedly Being Suspended For Doing Gay Porn

    The 18-year-old was recently suspended from a Florida high school for his work with the popular gay porn site Sean Cody.

    A Reddit posting revealed that Robert Marucci, 18, was suspended from Cocoa High School in Florida for his past in gay porn.

    Marucci was initially suspended for 10 days, making him ineligible to graduate, under the alleged cause of "campus disturbance."

    However, officials at Cocoa High School have reversed that decision and will not reveal their reasoning behind Marucci's suspension.

    In this particular case, we had an investigation, which is now complete, and the student is welcomed to come back to talk to Dr. Sullivan about his educational options.

    Local 6 News also reported that some students who protested in favor of Marucci have been threatened by the school district.

    Marucci ultimately stated that he partook in gay porn to help his family through financial troubles.

    BuzzFeed has since reached out to the principal of Cocoa High School and the customer service representatives at Sean Cody for questioning, but neither party has commented on the issue.