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26 Times Ellen DeGeneres Scared The Crap Out Of Famous People

It's funny watching famous people get scared.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they think was the funniest time Ellen DeGeneres scared a celebrity. Here are the hilarious results.

1. When Kristen Wiig almost peed her pants.

2. When Richard Simmons needed his own grave digger.

3. When Dennis Quaid wished he took the day off.

4. When Jake Gyllenhaal was creeped out by this human doll thing.

5. When Alison Sweeney, dressed as Christina Aguilera, almost fell out of her chair.

6. When Taylor Swift was frightened by a giant cockroach.

7. When Ellen hid in the bathroom and scared Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

8. And then Julia Roberts popped out five seconds later to scare her again.

9. When Cameron Diaz's worst nightmare came true.

10. When Uncle Sam scared a very patriotic Emily Blunt.

11. When Halle Berry had a real ~ball~ with this monster.

12. When Eric Stonestreet scared his onscreen husband, Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

13. And when the tables turned on Eric Stonestreet...

14. When Miley Cyrus was NOT having a party in the USA.

15. When Cedric the Entertainer was frightened by this raccoon.

16. When Emily Vancamp almost needed her own doctor.

17. When Justin Bieber possibly tinkled in his Calvin Kleins.

18. When Jimmy Fallon was scared by this peacock.

(And needed to be consoled by the audience.)

19. When Kate Walsh damn near had a heart attack.

20. When Adam Levine was NOT having it.

21. When Lea Michele's heart stopped.

22. When Captain America scared Black Widow.

23. When Jason Segel practically swallowed his tongue.

24. When Selena Gomez was mere seconds from death.

25. Twice.

26. And, of course, when Taylor Swift literally fell to the floor because she was so terrified.

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