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    27 Dark Disney Moments That'll Make You Say, "HOW IS THIS A KID'S MOVIE?!"

    Those first few minutes of Up RUINED me.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which Disney movie moments went too freaking far. Here are the surprisingly dark results.

    1. In Tarzan, when Clayton fell from the tree, was tangled in the vines, accidentally got hanged, and died.

    2. In Up, when Carl and Ellie decorated the entire nursery, but then Ellie suffered a miscarriage.

    3. In Mulan, when everyone's cheery song abruptly ended as they came across their fallen soldiers and a demolished village.

    4. In The Incredibles, when the children's movie opened with an attempted suicide.

    5. In Finding Nemo, when the barracuda ate Coral and her 400 eggs, leaving only Marlin and Nemo as survivors.

    6. In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, when Frollo groped Esmeralda, sniffed her hair, and said he imagined a rope around her neck.

    7. In Wall-E, when all the other robots puttered out, but Wall-E, who longed for companionship, had to continue cleaning up Earth's never-ending garbage by himself.

    8. In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, when the Evil Queen literally hired someone to kill her stepdaughter and demanded her heart as proof.

    9. In Aladdin, when Jasmine, a mere 15-year-old child, was expected to marry within the year.

    10. In Ratatouille, when Remy's dad took him to the rodent store, which had dead rats – possibly some of their friends – hanging in the window.

    11. In Zootopia, when Judy stood up for everyone and was brutally attacked by Gideon.

    12. In Atlantis, when Captain Rourke was crystalized and then chopped up by a freaking helicopter.

    13. In The Lion King, when Scar was pushed off the cliff, fell into a pit of fire, and was then eaten alive by his old pack of hyenas.

    14. In A Bug's Life, when that terrifying bird devoured Hopper and fed him to the demon chicks who ripped his limbs apart.

    15. In Monsters, Inc., when Sully watched in terror and thought Boo was pulverized, killed, and trash-compacted into a cube.

    16. In Toy Story, when all of Sid's toys were totally conscious and felt everything while they were being tortured, blown up, and experimented on.

    17. In Inside Out, when Bing Bong sacrificed himself so Joy could save Riley.

    18. In Tarzan, when Kala discovered Tarzan's dead, bloody parents who were mauled by the same leopard that killed her son.

    19. In The Incredibles, when Syndrome attacked Elastigirl's plane, knowing there were children on board, and Mr. Incredible had to listen to what he thought were his family's final moments.

    20. In The Princess and the Frog, when Dr. Facilier was literally dragged to hell by the voodoo demons.

    21. In Pinocchio, when all the bad boys on Pleasure Island got turned into donkeys so they could be sold into slave labor.

    22. In Big Hero 6, when Hiro lost both of his parents, and then he watched his brother literally get blown up right in front of his eyes.

    23. In Dumbo, when they took Dumbo's mom away from him simply because she was trying to protect her baby.

    24. In Mulan, when everyone found out Mulan was a woman, so they almost executed her and then abandoned her in the snow.

    25. In Coco, when Ernesto literally poisoned Héctor and stole all of his songs because Héctor wanted to return to his family.

    26. In The Lion King, when Scar threw Mufasa off the cliff and convinced Simba that he was responsible for his father's death.

    27. And in Toy Story 3, when everyone was trapped in the giant furnace and kept getting closer and closer to being burned alive and then they just gave up, held hands, and accepted their deaths.