15 Heartwarming Customer Service Stories That Will Make You So Freaking Emotional

    You're gonna need a whole tissue box to get through this post.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the nicest things customer service employees have ever done for them. Here are the heartwarming results.

    1. This perfect pep talk:

    When I was a senior in high school I went prom dress shopping but was having trouble finding a dress that suited me. I mentioned to my friend that I thought I looked bad in the dresses, and a random guy who worked there overheard me. He literally took me aside and told me, and I quote, “You will look absolutely stunning in each and every dress in this store. You deserve to look amazing because you are amazing.” He was so sweet and kind, and he gave me a major confidence boost.


    2. This Italian saint:

    I was traveling alone in Italy, visiting a very small town. I only spoke a little Italian, and in my confusion I ended up missing my train. I talked to the clerk at the ticket counter, and he quickly realized that the train I'd missed was the last one going to my destination for a couple days. He locked up his booth, ran me out to his car, and drove me at terrifying speeds through the hilly Italian countryside to the next station. We just barely beat the train there. I will forever be grateful that he prevented me from being stranded!


    3. This admirable barista:

    There was a torrential downpour outside, but this random Starbucks employee ran to our car to help my daughter, who's in a wheelchair. He held an umbrella over her head, not caring that he was getting absolutely drenched and still had to work his shift. He then gave all of us free hot chocolate so we could warm up. He totally saved the day and cemented himself in the ~knight in shining armor~ category.


    4. This airport angel:

    I was at an airport when I found out my grandfather had died, and I was crying. One of the airport workers asked me if I was OK, so I told her what happened. She said she was sorry and that she knew how hard it was. Then she left. A few minutes later, she returned with a glass of water and asked if I needed anything else. I was convinced that she must have been an angel.


    5. This compassionate cashier:

    When I was six, my parents gave me $20 and took me to Target. I went to the register while my mom looked around the store. The cashier rang up my toys and told me the total – about $47. I gave him my $20, not really understanding that I didn’t have enough money. The cashier, a male teen, looked at me and then reached for his wallet and covered the rest. He was the nicest person I had ever met.


    6. This stellar upgrade:

    For my birthday a few years ago, my then-boyfriend bought us concert tickets. We had a nasty breakup, but I decided to go to the concert by myself anyway. I drove an hour to the venue, my ticket was scanned, and I was seated, only to find that my ex and his friend tried to sit in my seat. An attendant called the box office and said my ticket was rendered invalid. Apparently my ex cancelled my ticket and bought a new one. I choked back tears and explained what happened, and the attendant ended up giving me a free $500 ticket for a second-row seat. Best concert ever.


    7. These noble nurses:

    My mom had brain cancer and was in the hospital over her birthday, so the nurses chipped in and got her a birthday cake. It ended up being my mom's last birthday, and it sucked that she had to spend it in the hospital, but at least she was shown a lot of love. Nurses are seriously amazing.


    8. This garbage diver:

    My mom made a purchase at Lowe's, and when she got home she couldn't find her credit card. After endlessly searching at home, she thought there was a good chance she threw it away at the store with her receipt. She called the store, which was about to close, and a young employee searched for two hours for it. They even looked through all the dumpsters behind the store! That employee was a saint.


    9. This moving manager:

    I worked in a mall and would constantly go into the store Francesca’s. I had ordered some sandals online and needed a different size. Well, they were out of stock online and in stores in my area, and the closest store was 150 miles away. The manager told me she was going to that particular town over the weekend, so she offered to take my shoes and exchange them for me. I was sort of reluctant, but it was my last resort and I trusted her enough. The next week, I came in for my shift and my shoes were there in the size I needed!


    10. This unbelievable Airbnb:

    A couple years ago I hosted people through Airbnb. My husband’s job suddenly changed, and we were relocating out of state, which meant I needed to cancel our 11 upcoming reservations. Airbnb charges for canceling reservations, so it would have cost me over $500. I reached out to the company, and the guy I talked to did all the cancellations for free and offered to help everyone find new places to stay. He even offered them money back if their new place cost more than mine. Airbnb really helped keep my stress level down in the midst of packing up the house, selling it, caring for my toddler, and being pregnant with number two!


    11. This new tire:

    It was 10 p.m. on a Sunday when one of my tires blew out. I wasn't familiar with the area, so I looked at my phone and drove very slowly to a nearby Walmart. Three auto center employees were still hanging out after their shifts ended, and after seeing how upset I was, they sat me down and found a spare tire for me. They even put it on my wheel and told me how to cheaply buy a new one when I got home. The most amazing part? They did it for FREE, which made me cry even more. I've never forgotten that act of kindness.


    12. This child's dream:

    My friend told me a story about how she was buying her son a small toy from Toys R Us for his birthday, but she was $3 short. This friend was struggling financially at the time, so she turned to her son and said they couldn't get it. The cashier whipped out his wallet and gave her enough money to cover the rest. From what she said, the cashier wasn't much older than 16. These gestures might seem small, but they really go a long way in making someone's day.


    13. This uplifting act:

    I had surgery at Texas Children’s Hospital for a bowed leg when I was 17. The day after surgery, my nurse came in with a TV cart and a VCR (this was back in 2000) with a movie for me to watch. I didn't realize it until later, but that nurse actually went to Blockbuster and used her own account and money to rent the movie for me, just so I would feel better. I'll never forget how thoughtful she was.


    14. This final goodbye:

    I received a call that my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and wasn't expected to make it through the weekend. I drove four hours to him as quickly but carefully as possible and ended up missing my exit. I pulled into a small gas station and shakily asked for directions. The two clerks sensed something was wrong and asked if I was OK. I had a mini breakdown and explained what happened and they gave me directions. The next thing I knew, one of the clerks said, "Jenna, are you OK without me for a little?” This woman literally drove me right to the doors of the hospital. I never even got her name. I just cried while typing this because it was the nicest thing two people have ever done for me. Thank you, Jenna and the other nice lady from the Holiday Station who helped me that night. I think about you often.


    15. And this compassionate flight team:

    My flight had just landed, and I had a voicemail saying that my terminally-ill father had taken a turn for the worse. A customer service rep saw that I was in tears, so after explaining what happened they walked me to the front of the line and waived the fees to get on a plane back to Houston.

    The flight attendant on the plane saw my runny nose and box of tissues and made a remark about my being sick, so I said, "My dad is dying. I just want to be alone, please.” I was met with such compassion and kindness. Throughout the entire flight he made sure I was OK, constantly checking on me. He brought me free drinks, fancy magazines, and a ton of snacks.

    My plane landed in Houston, and he walked me to my connecting flight. He then gave me a hug and wished me well. I never got his name. It was only later, while in the hospital with my dad, that I saw a handwritten note he left me. It was from “Brian” and the Southwest team out of Las Vegas.

    Brian and the LV team, if you’re out there, thank you for making that horrible time in my life more bearable by being kind, compassionate, and thoughtful.


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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