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23 Images For College Students Who Are So Fucking Done

*studies for two minutes and takes a break*

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1. When you get accepted to college vs. when you're actually in college:

2. When you try to befriend your professor:

3. But then you realize they're savage AF:

4. And you're willing to do anything to get on their good side:

5. When a family member asks how your semester is going:

6. Seriously, stop asking:

7. When you haven't eaten a decent meal in literally months:

8. Mom. Dad. Help. Please.

9. When your living space becomes unlivable:

10. When you realize how hard it is to balance school, work, and a social life:

11. And lose so much sleep because of it:


13. When you've officially run out of excuses:

14. When you fall asleep in class, but then you remember how much tuition costs:

15. *cries*

16. When you reward yourself for two consecutive minutes of studying:

17. When you finish a paper 10 minutes before class starts:

18. When everything is going wrong and you're just trying to keep it together:

19. When you start off strong and finish weak:

20. When you realize you're your own worst enemy:

21. When it's time to start studying for finals:

22. But your brain literally cannot:

23. And when you couldn't be more ready for this semester to be over:

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