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    23 Pinterest Cooking Fails Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    Oh, no...

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us their worst cooking fails. Here are the hilariously terrible results.

    1. These sad ninjabread cookies:

    "Ninja NO's!"


    2. This Frozen fail:

    "Pinterest fail on a Frozen-themed birthday cake for my daughter. I gave up and called a bakery. Not pictured: $80 in baking and decorating supplies."


    3. This chocolate chip disaster:

    "I tried to make these chocolate chip cookies filled with Funfetti frosting, and clearly Pinterest was a freaking lie…"


    4. This shitty mug cake:

    "I tried to make a mug cake 'cause they looked so fun. I’m not sure what went wrong here."


    5. This explosive pecan banana bread:

    "Oh, what a calamity! Premium organic ingredients, costly pecans, and my banana bread went ~kaboom~! What an expensive waste of time."


    6. This single vodka gummy bear container:

    "Vodka gummy bears! Oops."


    7. This sugary mess:

    8. These burnt, giant, fluffy pancakes:

    "We tried making those giant, fluffy pancakes with a rice cooker that we kept seeing on Pinterest. The edges became *slightly* burnt…"


    9. These scary deviled-egg chicks:

    "My mom tried to make deviled-egg chicks for Easter, as depicted in the first picture, but they turned out very wrong."

    —Leah Rullman

    10. These rainbow "heart" cookies:

    "My girlfriend and I tried to make rainbow heart cookies. Instead, we made awkward pride flag cookies… Oops."


    11. This crusty pie:

    "I once made a pretty majestic-looking pie. I have no idea what happened. It looked normal going in."


    12. This fallen cheesy chicken and rice dish:

    "I found a cheesy chicken and rice recipe on Pinterest that sounded amazing. I was so excited to try it, but when I took the pan out of the oven, I promptly dropped it back into the oven, spilling all of the cheesy deliciousness."


    13. This chocolate chip mush:

    "Here are my chocolate chip cookies. The 5-year-old I was making them with was more mature about it than I was."


    14. This deflated chocolate cake:

    "I’m usually good, but this time my cake just gave up AFTER I frosted it."


    15. This picture-perfect cookie bowl:

    "Want a fun roommate activity? Make cookie bowls for ice cream! But instead of cookie bowls, we got a delicious cookie pancake. So close."


    16. These, um, interesting macarons:

    "My wannabe French macarons."


    17. These burnt protein pancakes:

    "That one time I tried to make protein pancakes from Pinterest and something went horribly wrong. Also, that’s not’s just burnt."


    18. This simple cup of noodles:

    "I was in a hurry and forgot to put water in my cup. The apartment smelled like charred Styrofoam for days."


    19. This Cadbury Creme Egg cake attempt:



    20. These lonely, forgotten hot dogs:

    "Forgetting about the hot dogs on the barbecue was not my mom’s finest moment."


    21. These...Jell-O worms?

    "My mom tried making those Jell-O worms you see on Pinterest."


    22. This rock-hard pan-shaped brownie:

    "He still loves me, despite my nonexistent baking skills. At least I greased that pan real good."


    23. And this person who literally just wanted tea:

    "I tried to make tea and ended up burning the pot."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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