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    17 Cities Every Thirtysomething Should Pick Up And Move To

    Pack your bags. And maybe even a passport.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best places for thirtysomethings to live. Here's their sound advice.

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    1. London

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    Let's be real: London is basically a posh version New York, only the people have accents and the museums are free. It's also tradition to leave work and grab a pint with some coworkers (like, every single day). What better way to meet new people?


    2. Cleveland

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    Not only does it have great party neighborhoods for you to act like you're in your twenties, but it also has a mix of family-friendly festivals and flea markets to make going into your forties seem even more fun.


    3. Vancouver

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    Sand, sea, snow, and mountains. Only in Vancouver.


    4. New York

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    Sure the rent is high, but that's the cost of never having to run into the same person (you know who I'm talking about) again if you don't want to. Also, the city leaves so much room for personal and professional growth, no matter what stage you're at in lfe.


    5. San Diego

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    Dancestrokes / Thinkstock

    There's a great bar scene with stellar food. It's also in close proximity to Los Angeles, Mexico, Orange county, and Temecula wine country.


    6. Johannesburg, South Africa

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    Why not start a family in one of the most beautiful and economically-sound cities in Africa?


    7. Seattle

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    Seattle is known for its outdoor lifestyle. Parks and trails run through the city, and Lake Washington is the perfect place for boating.


    8. Minneapolis–Saint Paul

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    It's mega-affordable, with great food, arts, and music scenes, but you can also enjoy peaceful neighborhoods and beautiful country scenery within minutes of the cities.


    9. Montreal

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    Move here for the nightlife, the healthcare, the education system, the festivals, and the culture. It's like New York City, only way cheaper.


    10. Atlanta

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    The people are friendly, the food is tasty, and Coca-Cola is everywhere. They've got all the major sports franchises, and you're only a short drive from the mountains and the beach. Most importantly: With the world's busiest airport, the travel is cheap.


    11. Portland, Oregon

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    1) There's brunch spots galore.

    2) This city is a rising economy, which is great for people looking for upcoming jobs.


    12. Kansas City

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    Kansas City is a great place to lay down roots and build a life. The best part? A four-bedroom, 2,400 square foot home is less here than renting a studio apartment anywhere else.


    13. Melbourne

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    No need to buy a car, 'cause Melbourne has one of the best transportation systems in all of Australia. That, and the coffee is amazing... EVERYWHERE.


    14. Savannah, Georgia

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    The night life is stellar, and the rich history can't be beat. So many festivals, great food, nice people, and beaches.


    15. Tempe, Arizona

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    You'll be so close to hiking, golfing, kayaking, drinking, and pretty much anything your little heart desires.


    16. Houston

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    Flickr / Creative Commons / Flickr: thomashawk

    There's adventure in every corner, jobs are plentiful, and a growing number of people moving here are adding to the cultural mix every day. Houston is a world-class city and getting better by the minute.


    17. Sacramento

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    It seems to go unnoticed behind the glitz and glamour of San Francisco and Los Angeles, but this city has so much to offer. Ample jobs, coffee on coffee, and nightlife to last a lifetime. It has the same vibe as a big city but costs WAY less.


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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