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17 Holy Grail Kitchen Gadgets That Are Under $15

Budget-friendly and life-changing.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite cheap kitchen gadgets. Here are the must-have results.


4. A cookie dough scoop that will give you perfectly-uniform cookies every single time.

"It's so fast and easy. Never again will I try to roll those delicious chocolate chips with two spoons!"


Get it on Amazon for $11.79.

5. This ground meat chopper that evenly breaks up ground meat and keeps you from scraping the pan.

"I love this for chopping ground beef, pork, tomatoes, basically anything in a hot pan. I use it to cut pasta and cooked veggies for my kids as well. Love this thing!"


Get it on Amazon for $11.98.


9. A cherry and olive pitter that will remove pits and keep your teeth whole.

"I love cherries, but they're a pain to eat – always having to spit out the pit. Everything changed when I got a cherry pitter and can now eat a bowl of pitted cherries as easily as grapes!"


Get it on Amazon for $12.99.

10. This microwave pizza plate that'll cook pizza and meats evenly because of its raised grid.

"It not only works with pizza but with anything you want to defrost, cook, or reheat. I love using it for chicken nuggets, frozen fish pieces, and even bacon."


Get it on Amazon for $6.04.


12. A tomato shark that'll core tomatoes at restaurant-chef speed.

"It's great when you have to core a bunch of tomatoes for salsa and bruschetta, or if you want to de-stem strawberries. They're really cheap, and you can find them in almost any restaurant supply store."


Get it on Amazon for $8.83.

14. A zester with a rubber handle that's so easy to hold and wash, it'll give you a new ~zest~ for life.

"My zester CHANGED MY LIFE. I am OBSESSED with that thing. They are so well made, and they come in lots of fun colours!"

—Samantha Elizabeth, Facebook

Get it on Amazon for $10.99.


16. Some silicone spatulas that make mixing, scraping, and everything in between a breeze, all without damaging your pans.

"My mom and I are obsessed with baking, so having a silicon spatula is honestly a staple in our kitchen. We use these for scraping sauce off the bottom of saucepans and even cleaning frosting off sides of bowls. They're also the ideal tool to lick brownie batter off of. Just saying."


Get this 3-piece set on Amazon for $7.33.

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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.