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25 BuzzFeed Employees Who Are Sort Of Going To Miss Rega Jha

♫ Now, um, usually I don't do this, but, uh.... ♫

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1. Alex Naidus

I might cry all over again looking at these. There are not many people that you can, without exaggeration, say are an inspiration to everyone around them. It's pretty much Oprah and Rega Jha. Usually when someone is precocious and star-bound and smart, there's no way they're also goofy and open and relentlessly positive. But: Rega.

If you didn't know her, you might feel jealous of her successes or bitter about her ascent, but if you spend even five minutes with her, and come to understand her radiance and joy and thoughtfulness, you'll root for her forever. And not, like, "cool, congratulations to you." More like "GET IT REGA, PLEASE TAKE OVER THE WORLD, YOU DESERVE IT."

I will absolutely relish watching Rega fucking soar, no matter what she does (and she can do it all.) I feel truly honored to call her my friend.

2. Mackenzie Kruvant

I'll miss how excited Rega gets about everything. She radiates light and it's a great energy to be around. Every day that I walked in and she yelled GENJI I knew would be a good day. Sitting across from her through the fellowship and when we were hired was a dream. I'll miss having someone to listen to Kanye with at the same time and having someone that made me feel like I am significantly funnier than I am. I'm now hiring for a friend to listen to me complain about Pilates if anyone is interested. I love you Rega and I'm so proud if you. #ontothenextone

3. Joanna Borns

Joanna Borns

I don't have any photos of me and Rega. All I have is a photo I took of Rega with Heben.

In a world of cruelty and darkness, Rega is a ball of pure light and joy. No one has brought more discussions about poop into my life than Rega. I fear that when she leaves, no one will sing my name when I come into the office in the morning. The day she leaves, I hope the emergency room is equipped to revive a million BuzzFeed hearts that died of sadness. When she is doing amazing work in India I hope that she will not forget to fav my tweets.


5. Adam Davis

In general, Rega is one of the most genuinely nice people ever. Like, it's almost frightening how kind, friendly, and welcoming she is. Can someone even be that nice? If so, Rega is that person. We'll miss you, Rega, but you're going to totally rock Mumbai. Mum-bye for now (I hope you appreciate that one, I've been saving it for a bit).

6. Julia Pugachevsky

I'm bad at sounding genuine, but I will say that Rega is the extremely rare type of person that shines bright in every way but also makes you realize your own potential in a way you never did before. BuzzFeed India could not be run by a more perfect person, and I think she will mentor so many people and help build a site that will ultimately add an entirely new dimension to BuzzFeed. I couldn't be more excited for the future, even though the present definitely saddens me.

7. Dan Oshinsky

I was reading this LinkedIn series (hang on, HANG ON, THAT'S NOT THE JOKE) a few weeks ago from business leaders describing all the things they'd do if they could go back and be 22 one more time. And pretty much everything in there — Travel more! Be ambitious! Do crazy shit! Work with awesome people! — is stuff that Rega Jha has been doing for a long time, and she didn't even have to build a blog time machine to go back to age 22 to do it.

If we could all be a little more like Rega when we grow up, that would be okay by me.

8. Arielle Calderon

Rega and I first met about a year ago and I remember she had some really weird fun fact. We didn't talk much during her fellowship (which I deeply regret now), but we eventually became good friends because Rega is all about friendship. No one else would plug in my laptop charger under the desk when I was too lazy to do so, and that is a sign of ~true love~. In all seriousness, Rega is one of the most talented, inspiring, and ***flawless people I know. I will consider myself lucky if I can achieve half as much as she has in the short time I've known her. I look forward to all the Mumbai snapchats with really creative (lol) puns. Also, I can't wait for the day @tweethearts returns so I can flood Rega's feed with endless Twitter cards. I WILL MISS YOU ON THE REG-JHA-LER (I tried). xoxo <3


9. Tanya Chen

My dearest Rega:

Between your desk and mine... we have shared boundless memories, laughs, coworkers whom we've opened our desk homes to when they were camped in NYC with no desk home of their own, deflating balloon boobies, ideas.

For all the times I turned to my right and said "I hate you," I was lying! I actually love you a lot. You have and probably will always inspire me. You also unknowingly and unintentionally challenge and push me every day. Your writing is wild. Your insights are so important. Your puns will always make my heart giggle.

I don't even need to iterate how proud I am of you because you know I - and everyone else - are SO PROUD and rooting for you to do big, big things. I'm not worried about you at all. I am just so lucky to have been desk neighbors with you, and... Now I got you in my space, I won't let go of you (NE-VER!).

But this is not MumBYE forever, this is NY-SEE you soon, my friend.


10. Ashley Perez

Sarah Karlan

Rega is my musical soul mate. Sitting next to her was the best thing that ever happened to me and the worst thing that ever happened to everyone else. My dearest Rega, I only have one thing to say to you: when I get to Mumbai please have the chardonnay chilled and ready. We'll drink it through the day, because we say so. Love you, go kick ass and get some #scoops.

11. Marie Telling

Rega is one of the smartest and loveliest people I've met in a long time. I'll really miss hearing her laugh and her puns in the office. But I cannot wait to see her rule the world, which is bound to happen.

12. Sarah Karlan

Rega is one of those people that constantly makes you like a horrible person because she is such a wonderful person. Who does she think she is!? But seriously – she is one of the warmest, most intelligent, and hilarious people I've ever had the pleasure of calling a friend. She makes me want to be better with puns and also at life in general. I think she pushes everyone to be better at life in general.

see photo of me nearly weeping at her beauty.


13. Krystie Yandoli

Rega was one of the first people I ever met at BuzzFeed when I came in to interview for the fellowship in December, and her bright and genuine smile instantly made me feel more comfortable and at ease. Since I started working at BuzzFeed, Rega has been nothing but kind, generous with her time and thoughts, and encouraging of all my ideas. She made it clear she wanted me to succeed and has helped me every step of the way. I'll miss her so, so much because she's been a huge part of my BuzzFeed experience, but I'm beyond excited to watch the incredible work she'll do in India. <3 <3 <3

14. Justin Carissimo

Rega! I still can't believe you're leaving NYC. You played a HUGE role in my fellowship class and helping me become obsessed with scoops. Remember that time we were like the only people in the office on a Friday night and you shut down that racist TV show? Because I'm never going to forget that moment. (I will save every fucking whale I can and put every racist white male on blast while you're gone.) You're obviously an inspiring coworker, but you're honestly one of the sweetest, most caring people I've ever met. I know you're going to kill it in Mumbai, because you truly are a fucking rockstar. I'm going to miss you SO much!

15. Tasneem Nashrulla

Rega, whenever I start missing you and feel sad, which is going to be pretty often, this is the only thing that will give me solace.

This Happy Anil is me IRL hanging with you and swearing in chaste Hindi.

16. Conz Preti

From the second we were introduced to every single day since then Rega has made me smile and laugh uncountable times. She is so damn smart, so humble, always happy and ready to pick you off the floor when you're having a bad day, all done with impeccable lipstick and colorful clothes (and I thought I was colorful!).

I'll miss her laughter terribly but I'm so proud of how much she has accomplished and looking forward to her conquering the world. Also, SNAPCHATS. We bonded over not being from here nor there but actually from everywhere, so I guess that means we're moving to Los Angeles in 3 years?

(ps: love you)


17. Keely Flaherty

When I first met Rega, I was super intimidated by her pun skills, and I set out on a mission to become her pun equal. It never happened. But I will forever admire her ability to pull off bright shades of lipstick.

18. Natalie Morin

So in case this isn’t clear enough for the people who know and love Rega, I won’t miss her that much when she’s gone. I’ll definitely smile and do a head-shake when I see her snaps in the morning and I’ll remember our time together during and after the fellowship fondly, but I will in no way shed any tears on her behalf or worry too much. Why? Because since we’re going to get hitched anyway in the near future, I figure that a couple of years on different continents won’t be such a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Last winter, my dad and I were on a hike and he asked me what my top qualities in my ideal partner were. Of course, this is one of those lists that probably will change in small ways every day, but there are some important points that I think will endure. And guess what? The funny thing is, Rega fits all of those categories--she even made me aware of other qualities that I now value and didn’t think of before.

1. Thoughtful. Though she is probably most charming when she DGAFs and makes fun of you in her snarky kind of way, at her core she is very kind, and most importantly, is kind to everyone she meets. Seriously--this girl can make friends with a piece of tree bark. This comes from having a very open and giving personality, as well as the ability to really listen to people. And an insane laugh that you can hear from Los Angeles. She asks questions and really shows a genuine interest in getting to know those around her. Even if you don’t talk for a while, when you eventually do talk again, you pick up right where you left off.

2. Adventurous. I love that Rega is open for any new experience and will try almost everything. Someone who will pack up everything and take the opportunity to work in India, for instance? That’s a special and exciting person right there. She is fueled by challenges instead of being afraid of them.

3. Strong. Okay, I obviously don’t mean physically, because let’s be honest--Rega doesn’t really "gym" or get swoll or anything. The closest she probably gets to working out is walking to brunch or watching cricket on TV. I mean mentally strong. Rega is one of the brightest and most adaptable people I know. She also has a toughness within her that allows her to stand up for herself and for what she believes in, which is one of the qualities I most admire about her.

4. Super Hot. I mean, girl can rock a shift dress and has va-va-voom hair.

5. Knows The Lyrics To Ignition (Remix). Laugh all you want, but this is a very important quality. If she hadn’t known the words, that would have been a major deal-breaker for me early on. Luckily enough, Rega has an entire Spotify playlist devoted to R. Kelly’s magnum opus.

I’m going to stop there because if I don’t I won’t have anything to talk about in my vows, but Rega is a diamond in the rough (not because Aladdin is brown like Rega but because I really feel that way) and I will miss her a little bit. I am very lucky to have met her and I can’t wait to see and revel in her successes.

19. Heben Nigatu

I am so proud of you and everything you've accomplished in such a short period of time. You are about to do so many dope things and I hope you know brown girl solidarity knows no boundaries <3 If you ever have a moment of doubt, please remember the golden rule: channel your inner Kanye.

20. Matt Bellassai

If I'm being completely honest, Rega absolutely terrifies me. Like, straight up, I am scared to be around her. Not only because she could suffocate me with the wilderness that is her hair. Or because she talks constantly about how violently she poops. Or because one time she actually snapped at me like an angry goose. But because she'll run the world one day, and I'm afraid I've insulted her too many times to get a free pass once she's in charge. I've never met somebody who's as put together as Rega when I know for a fact she probably hasn't showered in three days and just did something horrific in the bathroom. She STILL walks into the room like she fucking owns it. And one day, she will. She'll own us all.


21. Matt Ortile

Rega and I were in the Fellowship program together last summer. Our computers were sitting next to each other, so we did too. At the end of the day, after the Fellows all got drinks, she invited me to dinner at a Japanese restaurant downtown with her and her classmates from Columbia. Over sake and udon, she never stopped talking to and laughing with her friends, myself included. This, I think, is Rega's defining trait: her voice rings with love. She lives with her heart open and once you meet her, yours opens too. I'm sad that she and I only got to share a few weeks together in the New York office, but I'm sure we'll all hear her heartbeat from even across the Atlantic. I love you, Regz.

22. Jen Lewis

Once upon a time at a weird, magical place called HallowMEME, Rega and I decided to "be adults" and "only have a few beers." Our master plan involved rendezvousing before every new drink, clinking our cups, and toasting to something meaningful, just to make sure neither of us were heading toward hangover city. Surprise, surprise — we ended up drinking way more than planned, because cheers-ing and making a toast before every drink with one of your favorite humans is actually a super fun activity. Since then, we've toasted to everything from "poop" to "Matt Bellassai" to, most recently and most importantly, "Rega's move to India." A solid 96% of the alcohol I've consumed since October has been accompanied by a brief little toast with Rega Jha. It's one of my all-time favorite traditions. I love you so much, Rega, and I can't wait to clink my beers against a FaceTime screen, because this shit ain't stopping here. (Neither are the post-teens.)

23. Spencer Althouse

Rega, you know I don’t like expressing my feelings (especially in clichés), so I’ll keep this short.

Your booming laugh is infectious, your talent is endless, and your personality is humbling. I am a better person for having known you, and I have no doubt that you’ll continue to inspire everyone with your brilliant work of unmatched excellence from halfway across the world. I can’t wait to see you take India by storm and get those billion seed views for your mom.

So I guess the only acceptable way to end this is with a quote that makes me think of you: “The best people are those who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn across the sky like stars so that everybody looks up and goes ‘wow.’”

Thanks for everything. Really.