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Build A Stranger's Dating App Profile To See If They'll Actually Fall In Love

Dating is hard. Let's see if you can make it work.

Hey, everyone! I'm Spencer, and I hate dating apps. I just don't get them, but I'm still very new to the whole online dating scene, so I need your help.

That's where you come in! You're going to build my dating app profile for me. Below are a bunch of polls where you can vote on which photos I should use, what my bio says, and everything else. Think of this as a fun little game, and the grand prize is a potential invite to my future wedding.

The Tinder app logo

Now it's profile picture time. I don't have any photos of me holding a fish, but here are two that I genuinely like...

I need another pic on my profile. Here are two similar photos of me, somehow taken a few months apart, even though I'm wearing the exact same thing in them...