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    27 "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Moments Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    "I came alone! Title of my sex tape."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which Brooklyn Nine-Nine moments always make them laugh. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. When the feud between Captain Holt and Madeline Wuntch grew stronger and stronger:

    2. When Boyle gave everyone STDs:

    3. When Gina absolutely had enough:

    4. When Jake tried to steal the Medal of Valor on Halloween, but Holt wasn't having any of it:

    5. When Boyle tried to finish Jake's sentences:

    6. And when Rosa tried to do the same with Captain Holt:

    7. When Terry became Scary Terry:

    8. When Amy was put in her place:

    9. When Holt couldn't be fooled by this imposter dog:

    10. When Boyle cared more about Jake than his own son:

    11. When Rosa laced Jake's water with caffeine:

    12. When Rosa and Captain Holt became emotionally adept:

    13. When Jake came alone:

    14. When Wuntch was sort of a witch:

    15. When Gina was really confused about Jake's upbringing:

    16. When Holt showed a huge range of emotions:

    17. When Rosa showed her puppy love in a very real well:

    18. When the show got a littttttle too real about America:

    19. When Holt revealed a secret:

    20. When Jake didn't know how bodies worked:

    21. When Rosa suggested that Holt and Kevin should ~bone~:

    22. When Terry was supposedly too old to have a nickname:

    23. When Holt was a gay icon:

    24. When Gina met god:

    25. When Amy recited her wedding vows:

    26. When everyone tried to see who could do the best Captain Holt impression:

    27. And, of course, when Jake got a little too carried away with the Backstreet Boys:

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