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17 Wild Movie Conspiracy Theories That'll Kinda Blow Your Mind

I'll never look at these movies the same way again.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which movie fan theories genuinely blow their minds. Here are the wild results.

Warning: Some spoilers ahead. Also, these are just theories and aren't being presented as facts, so just have fun with this.

1. In Us, Adelaide wasn't the only person who was secretly switched by her doppelgänger as a child. Her son, Jason, was also replaced.

2. In It and Mary Poppins, Pennywise and Mary are actually from the same universe and species.

3. In Wall-E, the robots secretly resorted to cannibalism in order to feed the passengers because they were in space for waaayyy longer than intended.

4. In Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Wonka only created the contest so he could pass along his factory to an unsuspecting person and avoid the health and safety violations.

5. Also in Willy Wonka, the real identity of Wonka is actually... George Weasley from Harry Potter.

6. Speaking of Harry Potter, the entire Wizarding World was completely fabricated by Harry as a coping mechanism to help deal with his abusive family.

7. In the Toy Story series, Jessie's original owner grew up to be Andy's mom.

8. In Scream, Stu and Billy were secretly hooking up with each other when they weren't murdering people.

9. In Grease, Sandy actually drowned in the beginning of the film. The last shot of the movie (her flying in the sky in the car) signified that she was on her way to heaven.

10. ~Or~ in Grease, Sandy still drowned, and Danny died while trying to save her. The movie was actually about what Danny's life with Sandy would have been like if they survived.

11. In Monsters, Inc., Sully was eventually killed and turned into a toilet seat cover.

12. In A Christmas Carol, the whole movie was actually a thinly-veiled metaphor about forcibly converting Jews to be Christians.

13. In Frozen, Hans wasn't the real villain. The rock trolls were.

14. In Titanic, Jack was actually a time traveler who was tasked with saving Rose's life.

15. In The Incredibles, Jack-Jack grew up to be Syndrome and traveled back in time to get revenge on his family for rejecting him after he lost his powers.

16. In Joker, the ending actually took place several years after the rest of the movie.

17. And in Elf, despite just visiting every house in the world, Santa still had leftover presents in his sack. Those gifts were for all the children who died between the time when he packed his bag and delivered everything.