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26 Mesmerizing GIFs That Are Better Than Sex

Better. Than. Sex.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to send us super satisfying GIFs. Here are the incredible results.

1. Ferrofluid being poured on a screw.

Submitted by andrewziegler

2. This magical table. / Via

Submitted by Liz Tompkin, Facebook

3. This mind-bending calligraphy.

4. The printing of this camouflage.

Eploid / Via

Submitted by Shae Alysia, Facebook

5. The laser beam cleaning some dirty metal.

Submitted by Andrew Ziegler, Facebook

6. The bounciness of lava after it's stepped on.

7. The slow-motion life of an espresso shot.

Submitted by raebea

8. This flexible circle.

9. Discovering exactly how key locks work.

Submitted by jordanmarieb

10. These intricately cut blocks of wood fitting together.


Submitted b jessv6

11. These ice cream sandwiches being stuffed.

Submitted by Katherine Bennett, Facebook

12. This DVD logo FINALLY hitting the corner.

Submitted by Jcable156

13. Whatever the heck this is. / Via

Submitted by Tracey Fiegl, Facebook

14. This beautiful flowing lava.

Submitted by Vikky

15. The creation of these breakfast snacks. / Via

Submitted by Kayla Yandoli, Facebook

16. These pencils being sharpened.

Discovery Channel

Submitted by Ally Johnston, Facebook

17. This seductive, gooey icing dripping down a cake.

Submitted by rebeccae441

18. This perfect fit.

19. These highlighters being tested.

Discovery Channel

Submitted by Kelly Logan, Facebook

20. The fluidity of this super athletic dancer.

Submitted by lorynbrantz

21. Chains being linked together.

Submitted by brettvergara

22. This chicken wire being created.

Discovery Channel

Submitted by jmpoff

23. The smoothness of this sideways "S."


Submitted by Kasey Fitzgerald, Facebook

24. This beautiful mixing of coffee and cream.

Submitted by Heather Chandler, Facebook

25. The twisting of these noodles. / Via

Submitted by Manuela Ramirez Pazos, Facebook

26. And this water balloon popping in extra slow motion.

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