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33 Ron Swanson Moments Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

"Your house isn't haunted. You're lonely."

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite Ron Swanson moments. Here are the hilarious results.

1. When Leslie wanted Ron to give someone a tour:

2. When Ron was forced to sit in a circular desk:

3. When Jerry wanted to help Ron any way he could:

4. When he filled in for a hungover Joan Callamezzo and answered phone calls:

5. When Ron knew what he was about:

6. When Ron wanted to slaughter a pig for the barbecue, but a Pawnee park ranger wasn't having it:

7. When Chris made Ron a vegetarian meal:

8. When he visited England but wasn't impressed at all:

9. When Ron revealed his hatred for skim milk:

10. When he didn't want the waiter to mess up his order:

11. When he started to get a little emotional:

12. When he was truly Zen:

13. When a hardware store employee asked if he needed help:

14. When Ann needed information about his medical history:

15. When Ron attended Leslie's bowling night and couldn't wait to eat dinner:

16. When he shared how he truly felt about Tammy Two:

17. When he showed his appreciation for Tom:

18. When he was a litttttttle petty:

19. When Donna beat him in a hunting arcade game:

20. When he opened up about his personal traumas:

21. When he was so happy that bacon-wrapped shrimp were being served at the banquet dinner:

22. When Chris brought a vegetable loaf to April and Andy's surprise wedding:

23. When Ron showed Ben his will:

24. When Ron was actually happy to be in a meeting:

25. When Ron thought someone in government died, but it was actually Li'l Sebastian:

26. When Ron and Typhoon bonded over their shared hatred of Eurotrash:

27. When Ron told Leslie an original joke:

28. When Ron refused to let Ben order a gin and tonic:

29. When Ron had absolutely no idea what was going on:

30. When he didn't want anything to do with Chris's vegan soy patties:

31. When Ron went into hiding to escape Tammy One:

32. When he became a youth basketball coach:

33. And, of course, when he spoke the absolute truth: