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    15 Petty Revenge Stories That Prove Karma Is 1,000,000% Real

    "My boyfriend cheated on me, so I sprayed weed killer on his lawn to spell out the word 'dick.' That way anyone who drove by would know exactly what kind of person lived there."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most hilariously petty way they've gotten revenge. Here are the best results.

    1. This brilliant student:

    "This one jerk in my French class always copied my tests, so I purposefully wrote the wrong answers, and then I'd change them to the correct ones before handing everything in. I ran into him a few years after we graduated, and he said, 'I have to admit something. I copied off of you throughout all of third-year French, but I always failed. Can you believe that?' I explained that I did believe it, because I always changed my answers. It felt great."

    —Emma Latta, Facebook

    2. This well-kept lawn:

    "My neighbors are jerks. I don't know why, but they always complain when I cut my grass because then their lawn looks terrible. Whenever I cut MY grass, he feels forced to cut HIS. Okay. Not my problem, but he just goes on and on. So, I now cut my grass every single day. If I don’t have the time, sometimes I'll cut it the day after he finally cuts his, just to annoy him. The guy and his wife are so rude on a daily basis, and I know what I'm doing is passive-aggressive, but it’s also sooooo satisfying."

    —Antonella MP, Facebook

    3. This laundry revenge:

    "I found out my ex cheated on me while I was away, taking care of my dying grandmother. He was colorblind to reds and pinks. He also insisted that I do his laundry because 'I was better at it.' So, I took all of his white shirts and washed them with a single red shirt of mine. He couldn’t differentiate between the white and the light pink. He probably deserved worse."

    —Tessa Meeks-Guthrie, Facebook

    4. This crappy neighbor:

    "I had a neighbor who never picked up their dog's poop on their walks. The dog would always poop on my side of the yard, right next to my doorstep. I nicely told my neighbor several times to pick it up, but she refused. It got worse when I was pregnant, and I got fed up, so I wrapped a plastic bag around my hands, picked up all the poop from the week, and fiercely threw it at her doorstep while threatening to call animal control. She moved out a week later."

    —Mercy Antony, Facebook

    5. This diabolical genius:

    "At my old job, someone was opening my pay stubs every week in the interoffice mail stack. I knew who it was, but couldn't prove it. So I left a glitter bomb in the same type of envelope and left it with the stack of everyone's paystubs before she got there. When I walked into work one day, there was pink glitter throughout the entire office because she couldn't get it all cleaned up in time. I simply gave her a knowing look. None of my things were ever touched again."


    6. These Flo-Oreos:

    "My college roommate constantly stole my food but would claim it 'spoiled' and she had to throw it out. One day, I had a package of Oreos that I clumsily dropped on the floor. I cleaned them up and put them back in the package, knowing she would eat them. Sure enough, I came back from class to find my Flo-Oreos missing. Sweet revenge."


    7. This buggy husband:

    "My husband hates cockroaches. They’re his biggest fear and greatest disgust. So, when he pisses me off, I donate money to the Brooklyn Zoo to have a cockroach named after him. This is still my little secret."


    8. This queen bee:

    "When I was in second grade, I tied for best spelling test with this girl who always picked on me. She was absent when we got to choose our prizes. I picked a nice-looking folder with lipstick and makeup on it, and I told the teacher that I knew my nemesis would love the one with an ugly-ass clown on it. The look on her face when she saw that hideous thing gave me so much satisfaction. That was 25 years ago, and it’s still one of my proudest petty moments."


    9. This satisfying mess:

    "When I was in kindergarten, I asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom. She said no. I got really angry that she infringed on my right to use the toilet, so I peed myself on purpose and acted all apologetic so that I could watch her clean it up. For the rest of the year, I got to go to the bathroom whenever I wanted."


    10. This musician's nightmare:

    "My boyfriend is a musician and plays the guitar. Every time we get into an argument, I untune all of his guitars when he's not looking. Watching him having to tune his guitars again brings me so much joy."


    11. This life-long plan:

    "This one girl bullied me a lot in high school and made my life hell. I graduated a year before her and decided to take a gap year. When it came time to look at schools, I asked my friends where they wanted to attend. That's when I found out the dream college of the girl who bullied me. I heard that she didn't get in, so, purely out of spite and pettiness, I applied to the same school and program. Not only did I get in, but I also got a couple of scholarships, ended up going to that school, and even made the Dean's List."


    12. This sensitive smeller:

    "My ex-wife hates the smell of bananas (like, a stomach-turning, gagging hate). One day I filled her car with banana-scented beads in the air conditioner and under the floor mats. I even shoved them into every tiny nook and cranny I could find."


    13. This trendy landscaper:

    "My boyfriend cheated on me, so I sprayed weed killer on his lawn to spell out the word 'dick.' That way, anyone who drove by would know exactly what kind of person lived there."

    —Kate Alexandra Winder, Facebook

    14. This scamming cheater:

    "My ex got another woman pregnant while we were together. I dumped him, but for several months, whenever I went shopping and a store asked for an email address for marketing emails, I gave them his. I never spoke to him again, but I really hope all of those Old Navy ads came in handy."


    15. And this absolute ghoster:

    "The pettiest thing I ever did after a breakup was log into my ex's DVR account from my phone, delete all of her recorded shows/movies, and set it to record every ghost TV show and movie I could find. Then, for a few weeks, I'd use my phone to turn her TV on at random times in the middle of the night and crank up the volume. She wasn't very tech-savvy, so she didn't know I could do that. I later heard from a mutual friend that my ex thought the house was haunted."

    —Karen Stevens, Facebook

    Do you have an even better petty revenge story? Tell us about it in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.