37 Movie Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Actually Genius

    Halloween is right around the corner!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the best movie-themed Halloween costume they've ever worn. Here are the brilliant results.

    1. The Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz:

    2. This very literal The Devil Wears Prada costume:

    3. Ralphie and the leg lamp from A Christmas Story:

    4. Mrs. Doubtfire and her hot flashes:

    5. Ariel getting eaten by a shark:

    6. Miss Trunchbull from Matilda:

    7. This two-person costume of Peter Pan and his shadow:

    8. Seth from Superbad:

    9. Okoye and her rhino from Black Panther:

    10. Carrie, before and after the pig's blood prank:

    11. Georgie from It:

    12. Everyone from The Emperor's New Groove:

    13. Zenon from the Disney Channel:

    14. Juno and Paulie Bleeker:

    15. Billy and "the guy I killed" from Saw:

    16. Jack (and the door) from The Shining:

    17. Hades from Hercules:

    18. ~Lorde~ Voldemort:

    19. The Wet Bandits from Home Alone:

    20. Dumbo:

    21. Casey and Ghostface from Scream:

    22. Olaf from Frozen:

    23. Cousin Itt from The Addams Family:

    24. Rapunzel from Tangled:

    25. Furiosa and Max from Mad Max: Fury Road:

    26. Detroit from Sorry to Bother You:

    27. The nurse from Silent Hill:

    28. Regina George at Spring Fling:

    29. This literal 50 Shades of Gray costume:

    30. Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts:

    31. Jack, Rose, and the door from Titanic:

    32. Foxxy Cleopatra from Austin Powers in Goldmember:

    33. The dog (Buddy) from Air Bud:

    34. Both versions of Nina from Black Swan:

    35. P.T. Barnum and Lettie Lutz from The Greatest Showman:

    36. Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost:

    37. And five different Forrest Gumps with their eyes closed:

    Think you wore an even better Halloween costume? Upload a pic of it in the comments below!