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    Men Are Sharing The Things They "Actually Want" For Christmas, And They're So Good, I'm Taking Notes

    Now you'll finally know what to get your boyfriend, dad, brother, or even yourself.

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    We asked men in the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they ~actually~ want for Christmas this year. Here are the must-have responses for any price range.

    Note: Not all submissions are from Community users.

    1. The world's hardest jigsaw puzzle from the Clearly Impossible Puzzle, which will cause a lot of fun headaches, especially if they love a challenge.

    2. A Commuter Shirt from Rhone, which is the most comfortable dress shirt they'll ever wear and is somehow so stretchy AND stylish, without compromising on quality.

    A man in a white dress shirt, stretching it

    3. A weighted blanket from YNM, which will probably help them fall asleep much faster and help to get rid of some leftover stress or anxiety.

    4. A Squirt PS4 multi-tool from Leatherman, which is one of the most durable and versatile mini-Swiss Army knives they could ever need.

    5. A pair of T90 wireless Bluetooth headphones from LG, which use active noise cancellation to give you the best audio possible, whether you're on a call outside or just watching a movie at home.

    6. A stunning screenplay book of their favorite movie from A24, which is truly a must-have for all self-identifying film lovers.

    A close-up of some A24 screenplay books

    7. A waterproof Aqua Blade trimmer from Wahl, which is the perfect beard trimmer...and hair trimmer...and grooming kit...basically, it does everything.

    8. A Nordic Parka from J.Crew, which will keep them sooooo warm while still looking sooooo stylish.

    9. A 100% all-natural container of Whey protein powder from Promix Nutrition, which will help them build muscle, improve recovery, and hit any type of fitness goals they have.

    10. A 1,000+ piece The Office LEGO set, which will keep them occupied and feeling nostalgic as they rebuild the world from their favorite TV show.

    11. A luxe bath mat from Pact, which, let's face it, is probably verrrrry necessary.

    12. A Spikeball set from, well, Spikeball, which is the perfect backyard or beach game for anyone who's competitive and loves a good time.

    13. A pull-up bar from Ally Peaks, which can hold up to 440 pounds and will really help to build extra strength and muscle.

    14. A mobile smart gym from Arena, which provides resistance training of up to 200 pounds, meaning they'll never have to spend money on a gym membership or workout equipment again.

    15. A hot sauce variety pack from Sienna Sauce, which will satisfy their tastebuds by making pretty much anything taste better.

    16. The newest Kindle model from Amazon, which has 2x the storage and a glare-free screen, letting them read comfortably no matter what position or location they're in.

    17. A pair of unisex Hawthorne sunglasses from DL Eyewear, which are so stylish and will look good no matter what shape their head is.

    18. A portable G4 Electric Scooter from Gotrax, which will make anyone's commute in a big city or college campus much faster and way more enjoyable.

    19. And a skin essentials bundle from Bevel, because it's about damn time they start taking care of their face.