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    27 "Before And After" Rescue Dog Pics That'll Make You Feel So Good Inside

    *grabs tissues*

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for before and after pictures and stories of their rescued dogs. Here are the incredible results.

    1. Fiona

    "We rescued Fiona from the streets of Taiwan, through a sister Golden Retriever Rescue here in Los Angeles. Fiona was left abandoned on the streets. The original owner left her on their balcony, alone, starving to death. She was love at first sight, and we've had her since 2013. She's now loving life."


    2. Athena

    Susanna Parker

    "Athena had been tied up outside and left to starve. When Animal Services took her in, she was 29 pounds. When we got to the shelter, she was shy at first but quickly warmed up. She's now up to a healthy weight of 65 pounds, and she loves to cuddle."

    —Susanna Parker

    3. Audrey

    "Audrey was found on the side of the road. She had demodex mange so badly that she nearly died. The photo on the left was actually taken after she got considerably better. She’s the smartest, sweetest, and friendliest dog now. She loves every person she meets and brings massive joy to our lives."


    4. Midnight

    Yamini R.

    "Last September, my boyfriend and I adopted Midnight from an amazing rescue organization in Southeast Michigan called Providing for Paws. Midnight was just a few weeks old when her jaw was broken by a bigger dog. Providing for Paws took her in, paid for her jaw to be fixed, and fostered her for almost a year until we adopted her. I can't imagine my life without her! She's the smartest, sweetest little pup ever!"

    —Yamini R.

    5. Penny

    Grace Kahler

    "I found Penny on the side of the road, sleeping in garbage. She had full-body demodex mange, fleas, and ticks. After four months of meds, excessive bathing, and a lot of love, I got her adopted. I'm so happy I was able to help her find her forever family!"

    —Grace, Kahler

    6. Atticus

    "I volunteer with Cane Corso Rescue, and we saved this baby from a cruelty case back in March. His before picture was when we first got our hands on him. The after picture was from August when he got adopted."


    7. Max

    "We've had Max for three years, and he gets daily cuddles and kisses from us! He was found in a field, beaten and poisoned (you can still feel his misshapen skull). He was rescued by a charity and was then placed in a shelter. We love him more than anything."



    "On the left is our baby before we adopted her. She was abandoned in an old farmhouse, full of mats, and missing most of her teeth from malnutrition. The right picture was her after. She’s so precious, and I couldn’t imagine life without her."


    9. Karlos

    "Karlos was found with a wire embedded in his neck and was essentially left on the streets to die. He was rescued by an organization called Wings of Love Kuwait. He’s now a bubbly, cuddly little ball of fluff! He's been part of our family for six months now."


    10. Max

    "We found Max in the woods, covered in mud and ticks. We took him to the shelter to make sure he was OK and wasn’t someone's missing dog. He’s been the sweetest boy ever since. On the left is the day we found him, and on the right is 40 pounds heavier and a lot of love later!"


    11. Percy

    "We rescued Percy when he was about three months old. He was found tied by his neck to a tree with a piece of wire. He then had to spend the next four months recovering in an animal hospital for his neck and parasites and such. We’ve had him for a little over a month now, and he has changed our lives."


    12. Minnie

    "I adopted Minnie from a shelter almost two years ago. She was rescued from a puppy mill, weighing less than four pounds. She had a broken leg, open sores on all her paws, almost no coat, and a mouth full of rotting teeth. After weeks of vetting, she had seven teeth pulled, her paws wrapped, and had to have her leg amputated. She is now a full-coated, three-legged snuggle machine who loves everyone she meets and is absolutely fearless."


    13. Reid

    "Reid was used as a breeder in a puppy mill before being taken in by a local rescue. He had pretty clearly been abused and was terrified of everything. After four years and a ton of training, he’s made a lot of progress. He knows how to play with toys and even other dogs sometimes. He loves going on walks and cuddling. He still has a lot of fear issues, but he’s made so much progress and we couldn’t be more proud!"


    14. Sage

    "I was a volunteer foster parent with Take Me Home in Los Angeles. We rescued animals from California kill shelters and other bad situations. When I first heard that this three-month-old puppy needed help, I took her home right away. She had a horrible case of mange and was severely neglected by her previous owners, with scabs and scratches all over her body. My parents soon fell in love with her and adopted her!"


    15. Scout

    "Scout lost his eye a month before I adopted him. He was put in a kennel with an aggressive dog who attacked him. That never dampened his spirits, though! Two years later and he has gained weight, grown a wild amount of fur, and loves to play with any dog he encounters."


    16. Lucy

    "The photo on the left was when Lucy was in the shelter, and the photo on the right is about a year and a half later. Lucy’s hair was so matted originally that we had to shave her down to her skin. She was a year old when we adopted her and had never walked outside. She was very fearful of people as well. Thanks to steady training, she's been slowly coming out of her shell. Adopting her was the best thing I ever did."


    17. Jack

    "We found Jack sitting outside in the rain. He was emaciated, covered in a carpet of fleas, and had a large burn on the side of his face. After many vet visits and flea baths, he defied all odds and became the chubby love bug he is today! He’s the sweetest dog ever and has been with us for six years. To this day he still gets nervous at the sound of rain, so we give him a cuddle to remind him that he’ll always be safe and dry with us."


    18. Shaggy Boy

    Lacy Lynn

    "Shaggy Boy was my first pet. I adopted him from the animal shelter I worked for at the time. He was 12 years old, with chronic dry eye, arthritis, and severe skin issues. He's so much better now."

    —Lacy Lynn

    19. Roo

    Angela Costa

    "Roo was abandoned under a tree at my work. She was emaciated and found to have hookworms and scabies. After meds, good meals, and some time, her fur grew back, complete with a fluffy tail! She is my good girl."

    —Angela Costa

    20. Moose

    Lindsay Shea

    "I spotted Moose at an adoption center and fell in love. No one was going near her because she had stitches all over both eyes. When she wasn't adopted the next day, we took her as a foster to adopt. She needed an additional eye surgery after we got her, but her eyes healed quickly. She even used her cone of shame as a snow scoop to play in our yard. I'm grateful every day that we got to bring her home."

    —Lindsay Shea

    21. Sawyer

    Amy Paige

    "Here is my handsome fella, Sawyer, before and after I adopted him. He was 13 when he came to live with me, and after some love and care became the dignified gent he was always meant to be."

    —Amy Paige

    22. Charlotte

    Kat Harper

    "Charlotte was found wandering around rural Indiana, skinny as a rake and missing half her fur due to fleas. She was obviously abused by her previous owners and still has a number of heartbreaking 'quirks' after two years of being spoiled rotten. She's the most perfect, well-behaved, sensitive dog I've ever owned. It took almost a full year but she looks fabulous now and you'd never guess the rough life she had before."

    —Kat Harper

    23. Honey Belle

    Danielle Tonnison

    "These are my pictures of my baby girl, Honey Belle. She was knocking on death's door when I rescued her. ❤️"

    —Danielle Tonnison

    24. Emma

    Danielle Moore

    "This is Emma. We found her on the side of the road in Phoenix. She ended up seeing a cardiologist for heart problems, being spayed, and having broken teeth removed. She was the most expensive free dog ever but worth every penny!"

    —Danielle Moore

    25. Petey

    Mary Russell

    "I've had Petey for five years. He was rescued as a puppy in Cancun. The vet who took care of him said he most likely had boiling water thrown on him to shoo him away. His big, brown eyes get us every time, and he's as spoiled as he should be!"

    —Mary Russell

    26. Tilly

    Sarah Hazel

    "Tilly the Wonder Dog was rescued from the Humane Society six years ago. Our vet said she was in such bad shape from severe neglect that she wouldn't have lived much longer. From the beginning, Tilly has wowed us with how sweet, gentle, intelligent, and well-adjusted she is, so much so that I started training her to be a therapy dog. She visits Houston's Methodist Hospital on a regular basis and everyone loves her. She also goes to Rice University during finals week for pet therapy for the stressed-out students."

    —Sarah Hazel and The Amazing Reese

    27. And Mowgli

    Amanda Burdick

    "I lived on Saint Croix for a year, and there were street dogs everywhere. This little guy was found dumped on the side of the road, unable to stand or eat, clearly beaten and malnourished. The picture doesn't even do him justice. He had mange, tapeworms, had to get his tail amputated, and was so skinny you could see every bone in his body. I couldn't let this little puppy suffer, so I took him home with me. After a lot of time at the hospital and a lot of TLC, look at the difference! Once terrified of all people, he's now the happiest pup around."

    —Amanda Burdick