43 Famous Actors Who Tricked You Into Thinking They're American, But Aren't

    I'll never be able to watch their shows and movies the same way again.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which actors tricked them into thinking they're American. Here are the wild results.

    1. Will Poulter

    Will in "We're the Millers" standing by the camper

    2. Eliza Scanlen

    3. Daniel Kaluuya

    Daniel Kaluuya on a late-night talk show

    4. Antony Starr

    Homelander in "The Boys"

    5. Anna Paquin

    Sookie in the bar in "True Blood"

    6. Charlie Heaton

    Charlie Heaton in "Stranger Things" wearing a blue shirt

    7. KJ Apa

    KJ as Archie, shirtless, in "Riverdale"

    8. Lucy Lawless

    Diane and Ron in "Parks and Rec"

    9. Freddie Highmore

    Freddie in "The Good Doctor"

    10. Cynthia Erivo

    Cynthia singing in "Bad Times at the El Royale"

    11. Charlie Cox

    Charlie shirtless in his apartment in "Daredevil"

    12. Florence Pugh

    Amy in "Little Women" painting

    13. Robert Sheehan

    Robert in "Umbrella Academy," holding a cigarette and pink umbrella

    14. Ryan Kwanten

    Ryan shirtless in "True Blood"

    15. James McAvoy

    James McAvoy on "The Graham Norton Show"

    16. Danielle Macdonald

    Daniella and Jennifer Aniston in the trailer for "Dumplin'"

    17. Dominic West

    Dominic West standing outside in "The Wire"

    18. John Boyega

    Finn with a blue Lightsaber in "Star Wars"

    19. Isla Fisher

    Isla and Vince Vaughn in "Wedding Crashers"

    20. Andrew Lincoln

    Rick's final scene in "The Walking Dead"

    21. Christian Bale

    The ending of "The Dark Knight Rises" with Christian Bale at the restaurant in Italy

    22. Katherine Langford

    Katherine standing outside in "Love, Simon"

    23. Mark Addy

    Mark as Fred Flintstones in the "Flintstones" movie

    24. Rose McIver

    Rose in "A Christmas Prince"

    25. Hugh Laurie

    Hugh Laurie with a stethoscope in his ears on "House"

    26. Millie Bobby Brown

    Millie in "Stranger Things" in an '80s outfit

    27. Dominic Cooper

    Dominic on the couch in "The Graham Norton Show"

    28. Idris Elba

    Idris in "The Office" and "Molly's Game"

    29. Kate Beckinsale

    Kate in "Click"

    30. Ed Westwick

    Ed in an Easter-green suit in "Gossip Girl"

    31. Damian Lewis

    Damien in "Homeland"

    32. Margot Robbie

    Margot in a pink skating dress on the rink in "I, Tonya"

    33. Henry Cavill

    Henry Cavill shirtless in a tub

    34. Gugu Mbatha-Raw

    Gugu in her '80s get-up in "Black Mirror"

    35. Tom Hardy

    Tom Hardy in "Venom"

    36. Chiwetel Ejiofor

    Chiwetel in "12 Years a Slave"

    37. Samara Weaving

    Samara in a wedding dress in the beginning of "Ready or Not"

    38. Kevin McKidd

    Owen in blue scrubs in "Grey's Anatomy"

    39. Maia Mitchell

    Maia in "The Fosters"

    40. Alfred Enoch

    Alfred outside in "How to Get Away with Murder"

    41. Yvonne Strahovski

    Yvonne in "Chuck" holding a gun

    42. Michael Fassbender

    Michael Fassbender shirtless on a bed in "Shame"

    43. And Toni Collette

    Toni in "Knives Out"

    Are we missing anyone? Use the comments below to tell us which famous person tricked you into thinking they're American!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.