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3 Minutes That Show How The Media Failed Women In 2013

From The Representation Project, a movement that aims to "expose injustices created by gender stereotypes."

In general, 2013 was a great year for women in the media.

Time Magazine / Via

There was a record number of female directors nominated for Emmys.

Getty / Dan MacMedan

PBS appointed its first female anchor team on NewsHour, a show that has been on the air since 1975.

CBS / Via

And ESPN aired the Nine for IX film series.

ESPN / Via

But "some things aren't changing fast enough," proposes The Representation Project, which strives to "shift people's consciousness towards change."

Because extreme Photoshop is used to promote the Barbie lifestyle.

And calling a 9-year-old girl — or anyone, for that matter — the C-word is used for humor.

And a GOP leader called Miss America a prostitute for standing up against bullying.

And sex appeal is apparently the only way to sell hamburgers.

Here is the video that asks why things aren't changing fast enough.

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