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29 Reasons Why You Are Liz Lemon


1. You enjoy the finer things in life

2. You're a little behind on the times

3. You're really good at making friends

4. You hate sharing food

5. You'll do anything to get out of certain situations

6. You might be a little lonely, but at least you're logical

7. Your philosophy is simple

8. Your relationship with the word "lovers" is semi-unconventional

9. You're in top physical condition

10. You don't know how to deal with other people's emotions

11. You don't know how to deal with your own emotions

12. You're honest

13. Maybe a little too honest

14. You're frightened by teenagers

15. You embrace your weirdness

16. You're easily offended

17. You like your own jokes just a little too much

18. You really want to fit in

19. You have your priorities straight

20. You reward yourself for completing simple tasks

21. You're sexy, and you know it

22. You have your whole life planned out

23. You really love junkfood

24. You don't have the best luck with relationships

25. You're practical

26. You're spontaneous

27. You're a daredevil

28. You really want people to like you

29. And you're willing to try new things