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    26 Animals Who Know Dating Is The Worst

    'Cause humans aren't the only ones with dating problems.

    1. This dog who spent hours taking the perfect picture for his profile and is worried it doesn't accurately depict who he is.

    2. This cat whose long-distance relationship is wearing on her.

    3. This goat who is consoling his worries with a bottle of wine because he has nothing in common with his date and can't wait for it to be over. / Via Spencer Althouse

    4. This dog who spent so long on her hair that she forgot she wasn't wearing pants.

    5. And this dog who spent so long on her pants that she forgot to do her hair.

    6. This catfished kitten whose trust issues have been validated because he just discovered that his online girlfriend was fake.

    7. This dog who is scared to open up about his personal life.

    8. This awkward lizard who wasn't sure how to greet his date, so he licked her.

    9. This sea turtle who just got stood up and now regrets everything he put on his OkCupid profile.

    10. This disappointed pup who ran out of things to talk about with his date and worries that he'll never be able to connect with someone.

    11. This dog who regrets meeting up with this clingy kitten who won't stop talking about herself.

    12. These bunnies who went on a blind date and realized they were related.

    13. This annoyed cat who has been waiting 30 minutes for her date to arrive.

    14. This horse who tried introducing her lover to her friends but got so nervous that she ate him.

    15. This squirrel who was objectified by her blind date, validating her conception that all squirrels are pigs.

    16. These cats who are pretending to like each other because they needed a last-minute date for couples' night at the roller-skating rink.

    17. These overprotective dogs who are being introduced to their sister's new boyfriend and are not having it.

    18. This surprised bunny who totally isn't ready for commitment.

    19. This small pug who knows dating is uncomfortable, both emotionally AND physically.

    20. These birds who just got the bill and suddenly realized that dating is so expensive.

    21. This bunny who still hasn't heard back about a second date. =/

    22. This dog who is totally self-conscious about the amount of garlic in her food and wishes her date picked a different restaurant.

    23. These disappointed blue-footed boobies who set their expectations too high.

    24. This upset cat who gets glared at from ignorant people because they don't believe in interspecies relationships.

    25. This dog who was so nervous about the good-bye kiss that he turned into a cannibal.

    26. And these polar bears who know that dating is one weird, unchoreographed dance that is impossible to do alone.