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22 Images That Will Ruin Your Childhood

This is why context is important, kiddies.

1. That time Angelica had a little too much fun.

2. That time Lickitung put his name to good use.

3. That time you first learned about interbreeding.

4. That second time you learned about interbreeding.

5. That time D.W. was scarred for life.

6. That time Walt Disney rolled over in his grave.

7. That time Crimson Chin had a second crimson body part.

8. That time anime made you feel really uncomfortable.

9. That time you realized ghosts don't wear pants.

10. That time you knew Tommy and Chuckie were more than friends.

11. That time you reconsidered your own limits.

12. That time you learned a new slang word.

13. That time you had your first sex talk.

14. That time Rugrats gave zero fucks.

15. That time you caught them all. And a few STDs.

16. That time Arthur was glad he wore glasses.

17. That time Dragon Ball Z became Dragon Ball XXX.

18. That time you realized pee isn't white.

19. That time Dexter studied a different kind of chemistry.

20. That time you almost threw up.

21. That time you learned how dinosaurs have sex.

22. And that time your hero gave you the middle finger.

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