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21 Universal Problems Of Spending The Holidays With Your Family

And the perfect solutions for coping with them.

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1. Problem: Having to sit at the kids' table. Again.

Overture Films

Solution: Hot Toddy.

2. Problem: Your drunk aunt asking why you're still single.

Solution: Gingersnap Eggnog.

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3. Problem: Constantly hearing embarrassing childhood stories.

ABC / Via

Solution: Winter Fruit Sangria.

4. Problem: "Have you gained weight?"

Solution: Oaxaca Chaka Cocktail.

5. Problem: Someone made your favorite side dish as a vegan substitute.

6. Problem: The casual racist remarks from your grandfather.

Warner Bros. / Via

Solution: Nutella Melt with Frangelico.

Tara Striano / Maria Del mar Sacasa / Via

7. Problem: *Insert questions about your current job here*

20th Century Fox / Via

Solution: Cinnamon Cider Concoction.

8. Problem: Being the only unmarried adult.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Solution: Pumpkin Martini.

9. Problem: Being forced to babysit everyone younger than you.

Solution: Holiday Citrus Punch.

10. Problem: Dinner won't be ready for another two hours.

NBC / Via

Solution: Burnt-Sugar Hot Buttered Rum.

Tara Striano / Via / Winter Cocktails

11. Problem: When that one relative starts a family-wide political debate.

12. Problem: Someone just insulted the pumpkin pie you spent three hours making.

ITV Studios / Via

Solution: Spiced Pumpkin Cider.

13. Problem: Your mom is on a diet, which inadvertently means the rest of the family is too.

AMC / Via

Solution: Brandy Milk Punch.

14. Problem: Your drunk uncle is getting a little out of hand.

SNL / Via

Solution: Vegan Eggnog.

15. Problem: Forgetting the name of that one cousin you haven't seen in 15 years.

Solution: Mulled Wine.

16. Problem: Tofurky.

Warner Bros. / Via

Solution: Winter Sun Cocktail.

17. Problem: When the family friend asks for your life story.

Solution: Bloody Mary Punch.

Iain Bagwell /

18. Problem: Being responsible for cooking for everyone.

Solution: Nutella Melt.

Tara Striano / Via / Winter Cocktails

19. Problem: Awkwardly reuniting with your siblings after a whole year.

Fox / Via

Solution: Cinnamon Cocktail.

Kelly Neal / Via

20. Problem: Having to change the subject when your parents start telling your coming-of-age stories.

NBC / Via

Solution: S'mores Martini.

And if all else fails, just stick to the basics:

21. Problem: Being the only person who drinks in a dry family.

Solution: Vodka.

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