21 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About "The Cosby Show"

Because you missed those colorful sweaters.

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1. There were originally only four Huxtable kids, but producers later added Sondra to represent "a successful child who could live on her own."

6. Bill Cosby was inspired by I Love Lucy and wanted Clair to be Dominican, so she could go off on Spanish tirades when angry.

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Phylicia Rashad, who was fluent in Spanish, won the role by demonstrating her language skills, but this idea was dropped before the pilot was taped.

16. Bill Cosby kicked funny-man Chris Rock, who was hanging out with Adam Sandler at the time, off the set.

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Apparently Chris Rock had replaced the warm-up guy before an episode’s taping, but Cosby didn't like his routine.

18. Peter Costa, who played Rudy's playmate, suffered from stage fright and always forgot his lines.

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Bill Cosby utilized this nervousness, having Peter’s character run out of the house at awkward moments.

20. At his request, Bill Cosby never received an Emmy nod for his work on the series.

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Cosby was personally opposed to the competition between performers.

Facts courtesy of IMDB.