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    Posted on May 10, 2013

    20 Reasons To Thank Your Mom This Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day, moms.

    Don't forget to thank your mom

    1. For everything

    2. For overlooking the torture we put her through

    3. For putting up with us when we were younger

    4. And even when we were older

    5. For teaching us how to ride a bike... sort of

    6. For always keeping us in check

    7. For teaching us to love ourselves

    8. And for all those family vacations

    9. For never taking any shortcuts

    10. And for always cleaning up our messes

    11. For all the car rides

    12. And for being there no matter what time it was

    13. For always supporting us

    14. And for being the best role model ever

    15. For embarrassing us when they dance in public

    16. Even though we're just as bad

    17. For always being there if we win

    18. But especially if we lose

    19. And for maybe trying just a little too hard

    20. Even though they don't have to try at all

    Happy Mother's Day, mom

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