20 Reasons A Twentysomething Would Never Survive “The Hunger Games”

“What’s the Wi-Fi password for this arena?”

1. You yelled out to the gamemaker and asked for the arena’s Wi-Fi password, thus giving up your location.

2. You didn’t know how to survive off of a diet that wasn’t solely McDonalds and Taco Bell.

Lionsgate / Via rpgmaker.net

3. The berries you used to make scented candles turned out to be poisonous.

Lionsgate / Via f-allens.tumblr.com

4. You were lured into the Cornucopia on the promise of hummus and got killed.

Lionsgate / Via lvngbooks.tumblr.com

5. Life before the games was you lying in bed, binge-watching good shows on Netflix, so it’s safe to say that you’re severely out of shape.

Lionsgate / Via bopandtigerbeat.com

6. Networking with the other tributes in the Capitol was your downfall, so you made no allies and were everyone’s first target.

Lionsgate / Via mashable.com

7. You were killed while taking a nap.

Lionsgate / Via celebquote.com

8. Your sponsor sent you rubbing alcohol for your wounds, but you used it to make mimosas for brunch instead. Your wounds got infected, and you died.

Lionsgate / Via youtube.com

9. You tired yourself out too easily while running on the beach, trying to get a thigh gap, which made it easy for the other tributes to attack.

Lionsgate / Via youtube.com

10. You caught fire while trying to cook your first meal on your own, sans microwave.

Lionsgate / Via victorsvillage.com

11. You tried climbing a tree to get cell phone service, but you slipped on a branch and fell to your own death.

Lionsgate / Via crispdaily.com

12. You accidentally left the location finder on your tweets.

Lionsgate / Via hrwtornes.tumblr.com

13. Similarly, you were a fool and checked in on Foursquare.

Lionsgate / Via vulture.com

14. You tried to charge your iPhone by plugging it into the canopy tree, but you electrocuted yourself.


15. You were attacked from behind while doing morning yoga.

Lionsgate / Via fanpop.com

16. You took your own life because there was no Starbucks in the arena.

Lionsgate / Via pandawhale.com

17. Your one-night stand with a random tribute made another tribute jealous, so they attacked with a vengeance.

Lionsgate / Via rebloggy.com

18. You’re socially awkward, so you failed Caesar’s pregame interview, impressing no sponsors.

Lionsgate / Via crushable.com

19. The plants you tried smoking were made toxic by the gamemaker.

Lionsgate / Via thegoodnetguide.com

20. And, in hopes of being closely associated with Jennifer Lawrence, you befriended Katniss Everdeen, but she ended up killing you, ‘cause, you know, it’s the freaking Hunger Games.

Lionsgate / Via gifs-planet.com

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