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    Posted on Jun 21, 2013

    16 Most Epically Famous Unibrows

    Because less is more.

    1. Frida Kahlo

    © Bettmann/CORBIS

    2. Josh Hartnett

    3. Fran from DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story

    4. Nicolas Cage

    5. Helga G. Pataki from Hey Arnold!

    Nickelodeon / Via

    6. Bert from Sesame Street

    The Jim Henson Company / Via

    7. Adrian Grenier

    Michael Tran / Getty Images

    8. George W. Bush

    9. Bill Berry from R.E.M.

    Ebet Roberts / Getty Images

    10. George Harrison

    Michael Ochs / Getty Images

    11. Jack Osbourne

    Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

    12. Anthony Davis

    13. Salizhan Sharipov

    14. Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons

    15. Wally Moon

    Hy Peskin / Getty Images

    16. Brad Pitt

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