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6 Real-As Heck Coffee Flavors You Wish Actually Existed

Listen: You know you'd drink these.

1. Your Social Media Posts Are Mocha Me Crazy

2. Briefly Forgot About My Student Debt Swirl

3. Cappuci-YAAASS, Queen!

4. Oh God, I Hope No One at Work Noticed I Came in Latte

5. Mocha Please Get Rid of This Hangover

6. Saw Three Great Dogs in the Park Blend

Design by Victoria Reyes / BuzzFeed

These flavors don't exist, but believe us when we say this: With Speedway's expansive list of flavors, including their very own premium roasted coffee, you'll find the perfect taste for you. Submit your favorite recipe to the Your Coffee, Your Way Sweepstakes to win free coffee for a year (and a free coffee just for entering)!