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15 Lifelong Struggles You Know To Be True If You've Always Worn Glasses

"How many fingers am I holding up?"

1. Having to wear face masks like this:

2. Cleaning your glasses, only for them to get dirty again 30 seconds later.

3. Spending 99% of a roller coaster ride worrying that your glasses will fall off.

4. Dealing with mascara smudges all the time.

5. Putting your glasses down for a second, only to forget where you've put them.

6. Being forced to make a choice between not being able to see or being blinded by the sun.

7. Having your glasses slide down your nose when both of your hands are holding something.

8. Spending ages at the cinema trying to align 3D glasses on top of your regular ones.

How it feel like when u gotta wear 3D glasses at the cinema but u already wear glasses

Then being too afraid to move your head for the whole film, just in case they slip down.

9. Dealing with your glasses falling down your face literally every time you work out.

10. Having your glasses steam up when you do basic household tasks.

11. Even when you do something as simple as getting a cuppa.

12. Struggling to keep up with current eyewear trends.

13. And having to switch to your weird, spare pair when you break your nice ones.

14. Getting caught in the rain and no longer being able to see.

15. Having to deal with people trying on your glasses to "see how bad your eyesight is".

However much we love our glasses, there are definitely some situations where they get in the way. So if you fancy a change, Specsavers is offering a free contact lens trial on either daily disposable or reusable lenses, so you can find the kind that work for you. Win.

Terms and conditions: Trial subject to suitability and includes easyvision and Acuvue® lenses only. Excludes other brands, coloured, gas permeable or hard lenses. One free trial per person per year. Current prescription required. Alternatively, an eye test will be required at our standard charge.