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16 Emotional Stages Of Learning How To Wear Contact Lenses

Trying to get a dried-up contact out of your eye is a joy like no other.

1. Fear


You really want to wear contact lenses, but you also really want your fingers nowhere near your eyes.

2. Determination


You're in front of the mirror. You practiced putting in your contact lenses at the optician countless times. This is your moment. You can do this.

3. Frustration

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Oh wait, you can't.

4. Defeat


You fall back on your trusty, fail-proof frames for a few weeks and ignore the contact lenses gathering dust on your desk.

5. Uncertainty

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You wonder if there's just something wrong with your eyes? Like maybe they're shaped funny? Maybe they're square?

6. Obsession

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You refuse to be beaten by a flimsy pair of contacts. You'll stand in front of the mirror for hours practicing if you have to.

7. Bliss

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Your contact lenses are in. Like, they're actually in your eye. You feel invincible. You're basically a superhero.

8. Tense

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Well, this feels weird. You've never blinked so much in your life.

9. Pride

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You're now an esteemed contact lens wearer, and no one can take that achievement from you.

10. Shattering Disappointment

Can I hire someone to take out my contact lenses for me lmk

It's all fun and games until a few hours later, when you realise you're rubbish at taking out your contact lenses, too.

11. Acceptance


You realise it's going to take you a few more goes until you're perfect and accept the level of work needed to become a true pro. You feel humbled.

12. Panic

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The first time you wake up and realise you've accidentally slept with your lenses in is a pretty special one.

13. Panic (Part Two)

- eats leftover hot wings - immediately takes out contact lenses - eyes burn with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns

As is the first time you forget to wash your hands before touching your eyes.

14. Dread


When you literally grasp at your eyeball to try to find a contact lens that's just straight-up disappeared.

15. Confidence

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Nothing fazes you anymore because everything bad that could happen with contacts has happened to you. You've reached total enlightenment.

16. Complete Disregard

init weird how polite u are with ur contact lenses in front of optician when at home u literally detach ya retina getting them in and out

There are no boundaries between your fingers and your eyeballs anymore.

Learning how to wear contacts is a pretty up-and-down process. Luckily, Specsavers is here to help you get started with free contact lenses to try out. So you can feel less bad about the ones you accidentally drop down the sink.